Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Southern Lilly Lady Treasure Box: July

Hope all of you are having a marvelous Tuesday so far! I love Instagram. That's a fact. I like being able to look at beautiful photographs from all over the world and feel it's a great tool to show off your creative side. In the time Instagram has been around, I have found my favorite accounts and blogs on this form of social media. One of them is definitely Southern Lilly Lady. Her account is filled with bright whimsical clothing and colors as fitting as a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress. Which is why when she announced her new monthly Treasure Boxes, I had to sign up! Basically you can sign up for a single box subscription ($20) or an annual subscription ($110), I believe there is also a gift option for $20 as well. The price is affordable and being a Southern girl myself, I knew I had to sign up. I ended up doing the annual subscription since I had a feeling I would really like these boxes and I'm so glad I did! My first box just arrived and here is a breakdown of all the goodies. 

First off, it arrived in the most festive pink box. You can't miss this waiting in your mailbox. Love the beach symbols!

The first thing I noticed was a mason jar. This is a pretty standard piece of decor for the South. Just check out Pinterest and you will see they are used for everything from weddings to bar cart accessories. I ended up using this particular jar to store flesh flowers to brighten up my kitchen.

Another look at the jar which also included a lemonade recipe for a summery touch.

These straws may have been my favorite item. I'm in the process of creating my bar cart so I automatically knew these would be added to the growing collection of accessories. I put these in a really cute polka dot mason I got on my recent Seaside, FL trip.

Ok I'll admit that I'm not a huge fragrance fan. I'm in my 20's and still don't have a "signature scent". However, I was thoroughly impressed with these "bath frizzies" from the Frosting Company.  It legit smelled like I was at a piña coloda stand. It had just the right hint of coconut and not too strong that it overpowered your senses.

How cute are these pineapple earrings!? The pineapple is a hot trend right now and this adds just a summer touch to any summer outfit. This was my second favorite item of the box!

The last item was this little bauble. I think this was a great choice. Something shiny and simple so you really can't go wrong!

I really enjoyed the July box and it was a great way to kick off these monthly "treasures". I'm so glad I signed up early since I believe all options are currently sold out but I'll keep you updated on that! Reviews will be each month so be on the lookout for those. It's important to me to always be trying and testing out new products, boutiques, etc. to share with all of you!

I'm also about to start working on my bar cart as I mentioned above, so I'll be doing several cart inspiration posts as well as home decorating ideas. Hard to believe I've been a homeowner for a year now. Can't wait to share my ideas and hear some of yours too!

Happy Tuesday!


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