Monday, July 13, 2015

5 Things You Need in Your Closet

I make it regularly known that I don't think you need to spend a lot of money to have cute outfits or look stylish. But there are those certain items that you do spend a little more on and wear year after year and it's your go-to, must-have, can't live without piece. Here are my top five picks of item I think you need in your closet in no particular order!

1. A stylish bag that can transition from day to night, work to play, travel and everywhere in between.

I have stated before if you are going with a pricy item, go with a bag. You may have seen me doting around my coveted turquoise leather Alma bag by Louis Vuitton. I love that bag. I carry it every spring and summer and I break it out in the drab winter months to lighten up an all black or neutral ensemble. Pick a bag that is uniquely you and one you see yourself using for years to come.

cedar street maise by kate spade new york
Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Bag

2. The Perfect Little Black Dress.

Do I really need explain this one? If you are over the age of 21 and do not have this item in your closet, research now and find the dress for you! The LBD is essential for every woman, I have a simple Diane Von Furstenberg that I got on sale when I was a senior in high school. Year later, if I can find nothing to wear, I still pull that dress out.  Adding modern accessories make a dress feel new even when its years old. Check here for lots of great options!

Trina Turk Peyton Black Dress

3. A timeless piece of jewelry. 

Honestly, I am not a huge jewelry fan. I have a few key pieces (mostly necklaces) that I incorporate into my everyday style. However, my favorite piece of jewelry is a David Yurman ring I got for my 18th birthday. I wear it almost everyday and it never left my finger (except showers and baths) in college. Find a piece that is practical but also something you love. I suggest these options!

Petite Albion Ring with Black Onyx and Diamonds
David Yurman Petit Albion Ring

4. A classic pair of pumps.

You should have a pair much like your LBD that can take you from a meeting to happy hour. The pair of shoes that magically go with everything or maybe they are your good luck shoes you wore when you scored your first internship or job. Choose a pair that are timeless and leave the trendy shoes for your next Forever 21 purchase.

Christian Louboutin 'Simple' Single Sole Pump
Christian Louboutin Simple Single Sole Pump

5. That One Piece of Clothing That is Just So...You

Everyone has that dress, shirt, jeans, coat, whatever that is your favorite item in your closet. I may have two or three things that I just can not live without. One, is a purple embroidered cut-out shoulder dress from the 2012 Free People collection. I LIVE in that dress the majority of the time. Check out travel photos of me the past few years... I'm in it. Cinco de Mayo with my friends? Yep there it is again. Holidays? You get the idea. I also love Lilly Pulitzer dresses, I know some people hate them but I just see them as a great collection piece to your closet. Put one on and try not to smile. They brighten up my skin and I swear make me look tanner. I first got a Lilly dress when I was in high school and when it was time to head to sorority recruitment a few years ago, Lilly was the go-to for me. I still have (and wear) the brightly colored, printed sundress I wore on my first day of "ice water teas".

Point is, if you see something you really it. But make sure it's something you will use years down the road (especially if the item is expensive and maybe even a little out of your budget). I love stores like Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack, and Target where I can get the fun, trendy essentials for my closet and not break the bank. Save for those items you really want and will get a lot of use out of. Don't just be buying something because you see it in a magazine or you see celebrities wearing something similar. You know your style and buy what suits you!

Lilly Pulitzer Gabby Shift Dress

What are YOUR favorite must-haves? Anything I need to add? Let me know your favorites!

Happy Shopping!


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