Friday, July 17, 2015

Seaside Florida Weekend Trip Recap

Last Thursday, I got a call to see if I was interested in coming down to the beautiful Seaside, FL located on scenic 30a. I mean if a friend calls and asks you to come to the have to say yes. It came at the perfect time, some times it's just nice to get away ( I know such a cliché thing to write) but really this mini-break was much needed. In case you don't know much about Seaside, it's located outside of Destin and it is literally perfect. I mean a lot of the town was partly created to film the Jim Carrey film, The Truman Show.  It feels like you have stepped back in time, remember that movie, Pleasantville? It is kind of like that. Anyways, we packed up early Saturday morning and hit the road. After a few hours, you begin to see signs of beach life.
Seagulls are the ultimate sign you have arrived at the beach. And sand. And the ocean. You get the idea, we were definitely at the beach.

Seriously, how beautiful is this place? It's just so calm and peaceful. I loved just being able to smell the saltwater and so happy I was in such a beautiful spot. Just come for the views! We walked around the beach for a bit just to soak in a little sun (it was already the afternoon by the time we arrived) but decided to meet up with the rest of the group at the cottage. Yes, all of Seaside is surrounded by the cutest, cottages/ houses that are essentially the rentals. Some are huge, I'm talking fit 20 people huge, and others are tiny like a room and a kitchen. Book the perfect rental for your family and check out all the amazing houses (and names!).

Exhibit A: How adorable is our cottage for the weekend? It was called "Dragon's Lair" and it was a great pick. Close to the beach (right across the walkway) and 1-2 minutes away from the town. Highly recommend! Try to book early at any of the rentals, I have seen Seaside grow in the last few years and now it seems everyone knows about it. The nearby town of Watercolor is also a great option, like it is basically in Seaside. I can not reiterate enough how much we loved our stay at "Dragon's Lair"! It really was the best choice for our group.


Of course I had to snap some "blogger pics" (shout out to my friends who are always ready with the IPhone camera)  but just check out the view! That just shows you how close we were to the beach. It really was just right across the street.

Like I said earlier, the town is perfect. The main "city" area is lined with food trucks, my absolute favorite is a grilled cheese truck aptly titled The MeltDown on 30a, its delicious! Just take a peek at this set-up of town!

There is even the cutest Post Office! You have to get a pic in front of the red door at least once.

Men talking about how great Seaside is probably.

We eventually got hungry (after ice cream and other snacks) for real food. There are several really good restaurants but probably the most famous is Bud and Alley's. Serving up favorite dishes at South Walton's Oldest Restaurant. It is like an unwritten rule that you have to eat here once on your trip. They also recently started serving breakfast which I would love to try next time. But we are talking about dinner here!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

So, we started out the meal with a simple greens salad, it was pretty good. Like the title says it was simple. It was one of the sweeter salads with craisins and feta, but overall very good. Sorry, I didn't get a pic, but we can all visualize a salad. Ok, out of our group, we all either got the chicken or steak from the menu. I know, the excitement among us! I only took two pics because they all looked the same and I didn't feel the need to force everyone to take pictures of their food (save that for next time). The chicken looked good and it was pretty tasty from the bites I tried.

I had not had steak since probably the last Disney trip so I decided to splurge. Kind of wish I went with the chicken, the steak was not bad it was just really filling. Plus it was really hot so not really conducive to steak eating . I did really like the fries though! The spinach was just kind of there, it kind of reminded me of spinach and artichoke dip. I was saving up for dessert (y'all should know this by now I'm all about some sweets!).

My absolute FAVORITE treat (it may even beat the Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Disney) is found at the Modica Market which is located in the "town square" area of Seaside. They have a variety of hand-made treats as well as other necessities you may need on your trip. It's like an old timey general store. It is home to the best caramel cake! Sad day, I had a pic but I accidentally deleted it but if you are that curious then just Google "caramel cake seaside" don't worry you will find it. The rest of the night was spent wandering around town then watching 90's movies back at the house.


We woke up early the next morning for more beach adventures. I swear every square inch of this place is beautiful. 

I was clearly excited to be here. Pretty soon it was late afternoon and time to head back home to the real world. This trip was fantastic. The beach couldn't have been more beautiful, the cottage any more perfect and a weekend to remember.

And don't worry, I know you want to relive the 1998 film The Truman Show so here's the trailer to kick start your memory. Watch the trailer, Netflix the movie, book your trip to Seaside then find The Truman House and you will have come full circle!

If you have any questions regarding Seaside, don't hesitate to ask! I will help answer to the best of my ability!

Safe Travels!



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