Sunday, May 31, 2015

Looking Good While Getting Your Fitness On

 I love a good graphic tee. Whenever I am at a race or just working out, I love to see all the different tees that people are wearing. Not everyone enjoys working out, and yes, you may not want to get out of bed to go on that 10 mile training run or a 5am gym session. But these shirts may make it a little easier! Here are my top picks (and lots are on sale right now!). Plus, all links provided directly to each option!

**Use the promo code "SUNSHINE" for 20% off on ALL Look Human orders. I am obsessed with this brand and they always have lots of fun and affordable options.**

Look Human

Look Human

Look Human

Look Human

Look Human
Look Human
Look Human
Sparkle Athletic
Sparkle Athletic
Sparkle Athletic
Etsy (SkipnWhistle)

These are just a few of my favorite options! Also, check out this fun tank from Victoria's Secret Pink collection! Loving all these donut inspired fashion items! Now is a good time to order some tops/tanks since there are lots of sales going on at this time. Go out there and find some new attire to kick start your summer fitness!

Also, I'm always posting my own fitness choices and race day outfits (and sometimes costumes!) on my Instagram so follow along!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Disney World 24 Hour Summer Kick Off Celebration 2015 Recap

Let it be known, I am a Disney devotee. No, I'm not obsessed with Mickey Mouse and no I can't remember or recite every Disney film but I do love the Walt Disney World Resort (and Disneyland!). It seems it all began when I was around 4, assuming I saw TV ads since the Disney channel was always on in our house, I began begging my parents to take a trip to Disney World in Florida. My mom decided to plan our first trip, a couple months later we packed up (along with my older brother and grandparents) to drive to Orlando, FL (yes, it sounds like a felt like it at times). I can still remember that first trip, it is one of my favorite memories growing up. Needless to say we were hooked after that. Now I realize some people hate Disney, they don't like the corporation, theme parks, business, you name it. My family  has been going for years and we have never had a bad trip. Is it crowded? Yes. Is it hot? Yes. Children screaming and crying? Families arguing? Yes. All of these things happen at Disney but if you plan the correct way, it really is a fun vacation. Just understand, you must plan your trip. I have heard many times it is a "working vacation" and that's true but Orlando is a vacation hot spot for a reason. There literally is something for everyone to enjoy.

Enough of me gabbing about Orlando (I'll save that for a separate post) let's get to the 24 hour summer kick-off event that was held this past weekend (May 22-23). This was a spurt of the moment trip, we actually had Southwest free flight vouchers that were about to expire so Friday at 11am we hopped on the plane for a 24 hour adventure. We landed earlier than expected, grabbed a cab (this is much easier in my opinion then waiting on a shuttle plus it gets your there faster) and soon we were pulling up to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Let me state Disney hotels are expensive but in my opinion they are worth it just for the convenience and transportation options. The monorail hotels are my personal favorite because we spend so much time at Magic Kingdom it's just easier to get around. To maximize cost be sure to check out the Walt Disney World website (summer rates now posted) and look for discounted prices including special rates for annual passholders and Florida residents. After freshening up for a few minutes in our room, we headed over to Hollywood Studios. By now you should all know I have a serious sweet tooth. I just couldn't resist tasting this precious Star Wars themed cupcake (made especially for Star Wars Weekends, so be sure to try one before they end) at Starring Rolls Cafe located near the board where you check the ride wait times. It was very good, I only had a few bites (although a friend finished it off) but it was very tasty! They also had Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt options but Yoda was definitely the cutest.

Did I mention Orlando was HOT? It was similar to walking around a sauna. We were all sweating through our clothes so I bought a cute Disney tank to wear later (FYI don't wear your favorite outfit during the summer heat walking around a theme park). We did a few rides then went over to Epcot which is a short walk away from the Studios. You can accomplish a lot more by walking at Disney than waiting on transportation like a bus or boat if you don't have a ton of time. Plus, you can burn more calories so you can have a few more treats and not feel guilty. Epcot has a wide array of restaurant options but we didn't really have time for a sit-down options we mostly did snacks "around the world". After lunch we went back to the hotel to rest for about an hour before heading out to the Magic Kingdom for the remainder of the 24 hour celebration.

Feeling revived after a nap, we were ready to hit the celebration! First thing I noticed was the large crowd size but what did you expect? It's Disney and the summer. 

Upon entering we were handed these super fun pins promoting the new Disney/Pixar animated film "Inside Out" coming out this summer. Yay for free Disney surprises!

Another tip, utilize FastPass +!! Please, please create your My Disney Experience Account and sync your park tickets to your Magic Band. We got to the park around 7pm and had fast passes for The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Honestly, the whole night is a bit of a blur, the lines were long but not terrible. It's just that we have been so many times that I have no desire to wait 70 minutes for a ride when we could go to a less popular attraction and get out of the heat. I won't sugarcoat the next part but around 10pm it did get extremely crowded. Like the most crowded I have ever seen the park. A lot of this probably had to do with the fact that it was lightning due to heat and many of the rides had to close while this was going on as well as postponing the fireworks and night parade. It was just a big cluster on Main Street so we took the time to cool off at Gaston's Tavern with some of Lefou's brew (how great is that souvenir mug?) over in New Fantasyland.

After the refreshment we mostly wandered around (looking and feeling like zombies), I may or may not have dosed off during a few showings of The Carousel of Progress and The Hall of Presidents as well as a movie viewing of Frozen. All of a sudden I checked my watch, it was 4am! We could see the light at the end of the tunnel, the crowd seemed smaller now but still a lot of people. It should be noted several of the more well-known attractions closed at 4:30am (I'm guessing to be checked and set for the park opening again in a few hours) so we did several rides with very little wait. By this time it was close to 5am so we browsed the gift shops and I got a really cute coffee mug. I was sad that the 24 hour merchandise was sold out but I think all of that was gone within the first few hours of the event. Feeling refreshed since this is around the time I wake up normally, a Starbucks break was in order to re-energize the rest of the group. Of course I had to try this cutie and it was delicious! Again, only a few bites but more than enough to get a sugar high.

Time was ticking and the clock was getting closer to 6am.

It was fun being in the park so late and it's always so pretty even in the dark.

I always smile thinking of all my favorite memories that I've made at Disney with family and friends. It's funny how something small will jumpstart a memory. 

Soon the DJ by Cinderella's Castle was telling the crowd to move toward the exit on Main Street U.S.A. There was a cute little finale with the characters and one last firework so everyone could make a wish and I guess it also meant summer had begun. Then it was a mass exit so instead of waiting in line for the monorail we took a fast walk over to the Contemporary Resort (my favorite hotel!) and picked up one of these.

There are several Joffrey's coffee shops throughout the Disney resort including one on the first floor of the Contemporary. The donut was hot and great to share after a long night and provided a much needed sugar boost. We had literally walked around Disney ALL night. After catching the monorail we arrived back at the Grand Floridian. It was so serene and peaceful in the early morning hours. Overall I would definitely attend this event again. Yes, it was crowded but again it's summer and Disney. Go, prepare for some crowds and heat, relax, take in the scenery and have a great time!

A shower and packed bags later it was sadly time to leave and make our way to the airport. I would have felt more sad if it wasn't for the fact I have a weekend trip with one of my best friends coming up at the end of June and a trip to Universal Orlando happening in July. So, as they say in Disney, "See ya real soon!" 


**Disclaimer: all pictures are my own unless otherwise noted. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.**

Summer Chic in the Heat

Summer has arrived and I feel like the heat hits me right when I walk outside. I saw this adorable dress from the equally adorable clothing boutique Lucca Lane and it was destined to be a new favorite. Check out the back of the dress! Add a pop of pink (obsessed with this shark tooth necklace) and a fun clutch with your favorite wedges and you are good to go!
Happy Shopping and try and keep cool!

Dress//Lucca Lane Shark Tooth Necklace//AccesoryConcierege Clutch//Kate Spade Shoes//similar Bracelet//Kendra Scott Rings//Kendra Scott


Monday, May 25, 2015

Red, White and Blue

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I'm already dreaming it was Friday again, long weekends seem shorter than the regular ones. So happy and grateful that I live in such a beautiful country and thank you to all the service men and women (past and present) who let us have such freedom! Of course, I had to rock my USA tank and check out the shorts (they have little poms!) and completing the look are my tried and true converse sneakers. Shop the look below and follow along this week for more outfits, recaps and more. I wish I could cut a slice of cookie cake for all of you!
Happy Monday!

Tank:// Wildfox Couture (older tank but lots of similar options), Shorts://Target (only $12.99) Shoes://Converse

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Theatrical release poster

Not going to lie my favorite character in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises is Bane. Yes, the masked villain who tries to destroy Batman and the city of Gotham. But, I have my reasons, mostly being he is played by the extremely talented Tom Hardy, which was why I was thrilled to find out that the he would be starring as the title character of the 2015 reboot of Mad Max. It did not disappoint! This is one of the most entertaining and interesting films of the summer (just my opinion) and of course who doesn't want more Tom Hardy in their life?

**Mild Spoilers**

The film just begins, if that makes sense, right away there is a action-heavy chase sequence involving Max (Tom Hardy) and the brigade of cult members (mostly dressed in skeleton attire? I guess Hot Topic still exist even after the earth has basically been destroyed) chasing after him. The gang in pursuit of Max are simply known as the "War Boys". Unfortunately, the group does capture Max and he subsequently becomes  a "blood bag" which is later used for an injured War Boy, Nux (Nicholas Hault). The films moves quickly along as we learn that this part of earth has become a wasteland and there is not much water, gasoline or essentially a way of life in the desert since it is being withheld from the people by the cult leader, Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne). Furiosa (Charlize Theron) drives an oil rig (like a hardcore oil rig complete with spikes and ammunition) and appears to work with Joe, that is until she decides to helps his five wives (or "breeders" as they say in the film) escape from the dessert. Intense action follows after Joe realizes this and that's where the movie really picks up. Max does escape from his "blood bag" status and hesitantly joins Furiosa and the wives to find new land, or the "Green Place" as Furiosa calls it as she remembers it. But it is not an easy ride and Max and Furiosa soon learn they need to trust each other to survive.

This movie is NON-STOP action so if you aren't into things getting blown up, loud noises or chase scenes with armed oil tanks then odds are you won't love this movie. But, if you are wanting an interesting, well-directed, and entertaining film, you'll enjoy it! The acting is well done even if the lead character barely says 10 words and I know everyone seems to be enjoying Charlize Theron's performance and her character is a big step for women in action films, one thing that is really cool is that Max and Furiosa are equals which is not something typical in this genre. Also, don't worry if you haven't seen any of the previous Mad Max films (the Mel Gibson versions from the 70's-80's), I had only seen parts of them and I knew exactly what was happening in this film. I went with friends who all have different tastes in movies and we all agreed that this was one we would see again in theaters. Check it out!

Take a peek at Mad Max: Fury Road here and listen to Tom Hardy talk about the film.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Directed by: George Miller

Starring: Tom Hardy, Charlie Theron, Nicholas Hault, Hugh Keays-Byrne

Have you seen Mad Max: Fury Road? Did you like Tom Hardy in the role? Plans on seeing the film? Let me know you thoughts!

Feeling a Little Boho

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend! Yesterday I arrived back from Orlando (on a whim 24 hour trip for the Summer Kick Off Event) and after a much needed nap I was out on the town with a friend who came to visit from Knoxville. I LOVE this look, you can't go wrong with a cut out shoulder dress, fabulous bag (on sale now!) and the best sandals for long summer nights.

Get the details on this outfit below and stay tuned for Pitch Perferct 2 and Mad Max reviews plus recap of my Disney trip and quick packing tips coming this week! 

Happy Weekend!

Dress://similar (under $40) similar(under $200), Bag:// Kate Spade (currently on sale), Sandals://Tori Burch (currently on sale)similar (also currently on sale), Arrowhead Necklace://similar (under $25), similar (under $60)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Black Jacket Symphony: Ten and Nevermind Review

This past Friday I got to experience the Black Jacket Symphony and their recreation of the classic 90's rock albums  "Ten" by Pearl Jam and "Nevermind" by Nirvana. Let me just say it was seriously amazing and the most fun I've had at a concert in a long time! I was already familiar with the Black Jacket Symphony since I had seen a few of their shows (including Michael Jackson's Thriller which if you ever get the chance to see, go!) and while I was pretty much just a baby/child in the early 90's, but how can anyone not love that decade? Time to put on a flannel shirt, scrunchie and clogs!

Sometimes the blurriest pictures are the best

Essentially the Black Jacket Symphony performances consists of the singer(s) and band covering an entire album, typically a significant one, then there is usually an "encore" type of performance with a few more songs from the selected band/singer after the albums have been performed. This was one of my favorite parts of the show! Both singers (channeling Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain respectively) did fantastic and really captured the spirit of both the bands and albums. The band was also phenomenal (I'm so jealous of anyone who can play the guitar. Or sing. Basically any musical talent.) and it was like you were actually watching the real Pearl Jam and Nirvana, you could probably close your eyes and think they were actually playing in front of you. It was that good.

I would highly recommend this event (and the Black Jacket Symphony as a whole), it's a great chance to see some of your favorite musicians without actually seeing them, this gives everyone a chance to experience their favorite album live. Plus, tickets were $25 so not too bad for a night out with friends and it was worth every penny.  Iron City is a fun venue but try and get there a little early since parking can be kind of crazy when there are events, a little tip just pay the $5 and park close/ across the street from the venue. It makes life so much easier. Believe me. 


I had so much fun that I'm already gearing up for the June 6th performance! Join me at Workplay in Birmingham and buy your tickets here for either June 5th or 6th (you can go to both if you really want to get into it). Or check out what shows are coming to your city as well as what album will be covered. Go to a show. Trust me you won't be disappointed! 

Have you ever seen a Black Jacket Symphony performance? What album was it? 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Outfit of the Day

Summer unofficially begins this weekend but we already have the heat here in Alabama. I love dresses like this one which are loose, stylish, comfy and trendy. Right about now is when I start stocking my closet with easy dresses and pulling out my old favorites perfect for any summer day or night. And my new obsession may just be these fringe sandals! Be on the lookout for more outfit ideas, movie and concert reviews as well as some exciting travel posts this week on the blog.

Stay tuned!

Dress: Fabrik Birmingham//similar (under $50), similar, Bag: SOCA Birmingham//similar (under $30), Shoes: Not Rated//here, Necklace: Free People//similar

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Outfit of the Day

I'll be the first to admit...I don't like wearing pants. I often cringe at the thought of a pants suit, capris and even jeans. Always much more of a dress, shorts, skirts girl (looking at my running attire) I have never cared about purchasing a jumpsuit. Until I saw the coveted Lilly for Target collection (always be on the lookout, returns are rolling in!). On one of my weekly shopping excursions at my local Target, I was thrilled to see this beauty hanging on the lone Lilly rack, I have to admit...I kind of love it!

(Jumpsuit: Lilly for Target//similar (under $30), Clutch: Kate Spade//similar, Shoes: Gus Mayer Birmingham:// similar (under $50)

Pink Cinderella Costume Tutorial

I was brainstorming for months on what I wanted to wear for the 2015 Tinkerbell Half-Marathon. This is one of my favorite races plus it's super girly and fun so I knew I wanted a good costume! I decided to go more unique with my costumes this time, a trend I will be continuing for future races. For this race, I decided to go with a classic character but in a different look. Instead of the blue ball gown Cinderella is most commonly associated with, I chose her mother's dress (you know, the one her evil step-sisters rip up?) but obviously this if before all that takes place. This was super easy to make and I got so many compliments! Here's how to make the look!

I had seen a few runners do this costume before so I hit Pinterest to look at some ideas and then modified and added a few of my own touches.

First, the skirt. I started with a pink sparkle athletic skirt, as I stated in a previous post, these skirts are amazing and I always use them as a base for my costumes. To give the skirt a more intricate look, I added a two bows at the bottom on each side of the ribbon trim. I actually used two bows that were attached to the petticoat I used to create the fullness of the skirt. But you can always tie your own bows since that is super easy. 

I then attached a petticoat under the skirt by lightly sewing it to the skirt. Seeing it lightly ensured that it wouldn't come undone but I could also take the petticoat off after so I could still use my pink team sparkle skirt after this race was done.

Tip: I used a child's petticoat that I found at Hancock Fabric, you can cut the sides to make it larger plus it's cheaper so you don't feel bad about cutting it up. 

Next I added pink ribbon trim to the skirt to give it that final touch. Again, lightly sew so you can reuse the skirt again without extra materials. This would probably be easiest to do first rather than last (this is why I try these things out, so I can learn then tell you!). 

Tip: you don't have to do this but I did. I added pink ribbon trim to the waist, lightly sew or pin but make sure you leave enough room so you can actually get into the skirt. That's why I like that sparkle athletic has an elastic waistband so it's easier just to slip on. 

Voila! Cindy's pink skirt

Second, the top, which looks elaborate but is pretty easy to do. 

To get the collar similar to Cinderella's dress, I used two old wash cloths (yes, small face cloths) and rolled two of them separately. Place on both sides of your shirt (I reccomend a tank, I got mine on sale at Academy) and use white fabric of choice to sew together. You can really use any white material, I chose a sparkly, heavier material from Hancock Fabric but it's up to you on what you prefer to use. 

Next tie a big pink bow and add that to the front of the shirt (use same ribbon as skirt trim), this is also where you make a triangle with your ribbon trim, again lightly sew at top and bottom of shirt so it doesn't come undone. 

There you have the top!

The hardest part is over, now you just need to accessorize. Cinderella has a bow on top of her head. How to accomplish this without actually tying a bow in your hair? Just cover a headband with white ribbon and add a bow to the top. I also added some of the leftover  white sparkly material used for the shirt just to add some more sparkle.

One of my favorite characters in Disney is Gus Gus (the fat little mouse!) so I purchased a Disney Tsum Tsum of the character and added it by sewing it on to a white sparkle athletic wrist band. Then I topped of the costume with a blue beaded necklace. You can make your own or buy a simple one at your local fabric or craft store like I did.  I feel like little details like this really make a costume.

There you have it! Cindy is ready to run (just make sure you watch out for Anastasia and Drizella!).