Thursday, May 14, 2015

Esmeralda Costume Tutorial

For the Tinkerbell 10k I decided on the character Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame (the Disney version obviously). I'm trying to create costumes from more unique characters, as much as I enjoyed dressing as Minnie Mouse for the Princess half, I felt like I looked like a hundred other people on the course. From now on, only unique costumes!

This costume was easy and only requires a few key pieces. One being the wrap around the waist and the corset. You can find the wrap (similar to what belly dancers wear) here on Amazon and I found my corset on Etsy. I will say Etsy can be a lifesaver for costumes, the corset was perfect! I plan on using this for a Halloween costume and another race since I loved the outfit so much. Just add a white tank and a purple sparkle athletic skirt and you are good to go! I also added a bangle and turquoise sparkle athletic wrist bands  to spice up the look. My one mistake was the head scarf, in hindsight I should have just used a headband or connected the scarf to some type of clip but that's for next time! I have very thick hair and I should have known the scarf would not have stayed put (it lasted 5 minutes into the race) but I would definitely recommend attaching it to a headband or something with clasps to really make it hold.

Good luck!

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