Monday, May 4, 2015

Bahama Buck's now in Bham

As I was driving to my weekly dance fitness class a few weeks ago, I noticed a new building in the shopping center in Cahaba Heights (near Blackwell's Bar and Grill), a Bahama Buck's right here in Birmingham! Now you are probably most familiar with the shaved ice in beach areas but seem to be making their way to more cities which don't include sand. There are two locations currently in the Birmingham area, the above mentioned in Cahaba Heights and another in Pelham (next to Gold's Gym). I decided to try the Pelham location after a particularly hard run and plus it was 80 degrees outside (welcome to the South!). If you want a snack that isn't as heavy as ice cream or something different than frozen yogurt, this is an excellent choice! There are so many flavors, I settled on basic strawberry but there are so many options I know I will have a different pick next time. To find out a location near you or maybe you just want to see what flavor to try next just click here Bahama Buck's!

What's your favorite summer treat? Is there a new restaurant or snack I need to try in the Birmingham, AL area? Tell me about it!


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