Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pink Cinderella Costume Tutorial

I was brainstorming for months on what I wanted to wear for the 2015 Tinkerbell Half-Marathon. This is one of my favorite races plus it's super girly and fun so I knew I wanted a good costume! I decided to go more unique with my costumes this time, a trend I will be continuing for future races. For this race, I decided to go with a classic character but in a different look. Instead of the blue ball gown Cinderella is most commonly associated with, I chose her mother's dress (you know, the one her evil step-sisters rip up?) but obviously this if before all that takes place. This was super easy to make and I got so many compliments! Here's how to make the look!

I had seen a few runners do this costume before so I hit Pinterest to look at some ideas and then modified and added a few of my own touches.

First, the skirt. I started with a pink sparkle athletic skirt, as I stated in a previous post, these skirts are amazing and I always use them as a base for my costumes. To give the skirt a more intricate look, I added a two bows at the bottom on each side of the ribbon trim. I actually used two bows that were attached to the petticoat I used to create the fullness of the skirt. But you can always tie your own bows since that is super easy. 

I then attached a petticoat under the skirt by lightly sewing it to the skirt. Seeing it lightly ensured that it wouldn't come undone but I could also take the petticoat off after so I could still use my pink team sparkle skirt after this race was done.

Tip: I used a child's petticoat that I found at Hancock Fabric, you can cut the sides to make it larger plus it's cheaper so you don't feel bad about cutting it up. 

Next I added pink ribbon trim to the skirt to give it that final touch. Again, lightly sew so you can reuse the skirt again without extra materials. This would probably be easiest to do first rather than last (this is why I try these things out, so I can learn then tell you!). 

Tip: you don't have to do this but I did. I added pink ribbon trim to the waist, lightly sew or pin but make sure you leave enough room so you can actually get into the skirt. That's why I like that sparkle athletic has an elastic waistband so it's easier just to slip on. 

Voila! Cindy's pink skirt

Second, the top, which looks elaborate but is pretty easy to do. 

To get the collar similar to Cinderella's dress, I used two old wash cloths (yes, small face cloths) and rolled two of them separately. Place on both sides of your shirt (I reccomend a tank, I got mine on sale at Academy) and use white fabric of choice to sew together. You can really use any white material, I chose a sparkly, heavier material from Hancock Fabric but it's up to you on what you prefer to use. 

Next tie a big pink bow and add that to the front of the shirt (use same ribbon as skirt trim), this is also where you make a triangle with your ribbon trim, again lightly sew at top and bottom of shirt so it doesn't come undone. 

There you have the top!

The hardest part is over, now you just need to accessorize. Cinderella has a bow on top of her head. How to accomplish this without actually tying a bow in your hair? Just cover a headband with white ribbon and add a bow to the top. I also added some of the leftover  white sparkly material used for the shirt just to add some more sparkle.

One of my favorite characters in Disney is Gus Gus (the fat little mouse!) so I purchased a Disney Tsum Tsum of the character and added it by sewing it on to a white sparkle athletic wrist band. Then I topped of the costume with a blue beaded necklace. You can make your own or buy a simple one at your local fabric or craft store like I did.  I feel like little details like this really make a costume.

There you have it! Cindy is ready to run (just make sure you watch out for Anastasia and Drizella!).


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