Wednesday, March 30, 2016

See It or Skip It: March Movie Edition

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a productive and happy hump day! It's been a busy few weeks, who is ready for summer!? I know I am and with warmer months that means it's almost summer movie season! Right now though we are still in spring mode but there have been plenty of movies that pack a summer punch.


One glance at the cute Disney poster and you may think Zootopia is just a fun kids movie. It is but in reality it is much more. The film which takes place in the fictional world of Zootopia, where predator and prey live in harmony together, yes, that means none of the animals eat each other, covers racism, sexism, tolerance and everything in between. In today's world it is important for kids to see a film like this and some adults could benefit a lesson or two from the movie. While young ones will enjoy there are jokes for the older crowd too (try and spot the Breaking Bad nod!). One of my favorite films of the year so far! Check out the trailer now!


10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane.jpg

Hyped as a follow up to the 2008 found footage film, Cloverfield, the J.J. Abrams vehicle did not disappoint. The trailer was released weeks before the film premiered and left very little clues to what the film was about. I don't want to spoil it for you but it's not what you think it is. I'll just leave it at that. The movie proves monsters come in all types of shapes and sizes and some aren't always the aliens you see destroying a city. John Goodman is excellent in the film as a paranoid, conspiracy theorist housing two civilians after what looks to be a terrorist attack. I won't give away much more but you can check out the trailer here!


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 poster.png

Ok, I'm Greek and when the original premiered over a decade ago, my family loved the movie! It is still one of my favorites and if I ever see it on, I always stop to watch. It's a romantic comedy classic that was smart, charming and different. When I saw there would be a second one after all these years, I did not have high expectations. What a pleasant surprise! The entire cast is back and while not as original as the first, it is still a fun film that is perfect for girls night, family movie outing or a date. My theater was actually sold out when we saw it and the audience loved it. Yes, Greeks are very similar to the way they are portrayed although my family has never used Windex. We aren't that crazy. I don't think. See the cast Opa! 13 years later in the trailer here!


London Has Fallen

Gerard Butler is back to the save the day and President (again) except this time it's across the pond. When a master terrorist attack takes place in London, the president has to be saved and there's only one man who can do it. The film, a sequel to the 2013 Olympus Has Fallen, is non-stop action from start to finish. I liked the original, did it need a sequel? Probably not but we were granted one and for what it is, it's not half bad. The plot is basically a reason to see Gerard Butler take down a room full of bad guys reciting one liners and all while wearing an expensive suit. The movie is not bad, it isn't great either but if you are looking for a film to get your adrenaline pumping then this is the one for you! Check out the high energy trailer here!

SKIP IT in theaters and save for a Redbox or Netflix night at home. Unless you LOVED the first one or an action buff SEE IT in theaters.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The two titular heroes, Batman and Superman, are confronting each other, with the film's logo behind them, and the film's title, credits, release date and billing below.

One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year is here and has already made millions this past weekend. Opening to mixed reviews from critics, Batman vs. Superman is a thrill ride with two of the biggest comic legends finally meeting on the big screen. Why are they fighting you ask? Well, Bruce Wayne aka Batman witnesses Wayne Tower falling after Superman saves the city of Metropolis, an event that took place two years ago in the film Man of Steel. Not knowing what Superman exactly is, I mean he is an alien who has super powers, Batman worries Superman will go all villain on the world at some point thus destroying humanity. Or something like that. Watch the trailer here!

The plot is a bit muddled, Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman are also involved, but people want to see action and fight scenes with the title characters and they get both. I am not a comic book fan but I do enjoy the movies, not knowing everything about the characters and back history, I still really liked the movie. This film is not on par with the Christopher Nolan trilogy from a few years ago but I will say Ben Affleck is probably the best Bruce Wayne/ Batman of all the films made to date. As a rule, I don't listen too much to what critics say, I suggest the same for you. This is a superhero movie so I have no idea why it has gotten such a bad rap. It's not an Oscar contender but who cares? Sometimes you just like to go to the movies and have fun. Form your own opinions! Then blog about them :)


Hope you enjoyed my See It or Skip It for the month! Now go grab some candy and go to the nearest theater!



Wednesday, March 23, 2016



Hello and happy hump day! We are so close to the weekend and the weather is beautiful here in the Ham! Living in the South we know the weather can be very...temperamental. Some days in the winter and early spring it can be freezing and other days it can be as sweltering as the middle of June that's why I always turn to easy dresses like this  MuMu Tunic.

I love a good piece that I can wear over and over and bonus points if it's seasonal. This is why I immediately noticed this tunic, it has a super flattering cut (hello mini skirt!), whimsical pattern and I knew it would be on repeat in my wardrobe. Right now I pair it with fringe booties but when it gets warmer it will look great with a gladiator flat or heels. In cooler months, the dress will still look fashionable with a leather jacket and tights. It's one of those dresses you can throw on and go while still looking pulled together and this is always a win!

Tunic // I love the MuMu brand, they are a little more pricy than what I would like but the quality is well made and you can wear year after year! Go for more basic prints and solids, don't spend over $100 on a dress that won't be in style three months from now.

Necklace// I got this sunny necklace as a gift a while back and I wear it all the time! Kendra Scott makes some fabulous pieces and I highly suggest the Rayne necklace, it adds a pop of color (they have every color you can imagine!) and easy to style and wear.

Fringe Booties // This can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe at any time of the year! Super comfy and under $30? YES!

Quilted Bag // I got this blush bag on sale at Kate Spade last summer and it has been a huge staple in my wardrobe. Since the bag is old, I have found a super similar one for under $40!

Circular Ring // I got the ring a while back at a local boutique but here is a similar style for under $6!

Try to stay away from the pollen and keep checking back for more new posts this week!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Deals and Steals

It's Monday! Yeah, there really is no way to make it sound exciting but here we are. I trust everyone had a wonderful weekend, yes? Spring is officially in the air and summer is just around the corner so that means you need to prepare for warmer temps and maybe some new apparel? Especially if you have been doing some spring cleaning then you need to fill your closet back up :)

I love donating and consigning clothes, if there is something that you haven't worn in a while, doesn't fit, no longer fits your style, etc. just get rid of it. I hate clutter and closets can be the worst! After you get done cleaning out your closet then hit up these amazing sales for some new goodies!

Nordstrom: I love Nordstrom. I browse online almost everyday and they are kind of a one stop shop for me! New sale items are added daily so check right here for the most recent listings

Old Navy: Old Navy is great for basics, they also have really cute dresses and rompers, plus accessories at great prices. Free Two Day Shipping in orders of 75$ or more and Extra 35% off your order with the code ' FASTBUNNY'

ASOS: Find a last minute Easter dress or dress for any occasion with these being 20% off! Love this pretty blush off the shoulder number!

H&M: They have sale items up to 70% off but there is also a coupon for 20% off on all purchases over $60 until 3/27 right here!

Forever 21: One of my favorites that always has good deals but even better they have tons of sale items including this bright peplum top, this pretty lace shift dress and this summer-ready dress! Forever 21 also has items starting at $3!

Vineyard Vines: Fun, bright preppy prints with new styles recently added here for items up to 30% off! Love this gingham button down for spring and a fun tunic to carry you into summer!

Topshop: Great sale pieces like this leather saddle bag, soft blush side split top, and this fun statement necklace.

Shopbop: Lusting over this mini dress (love the lace up detail), embroidered tunic (I live in the emerald one), these quirky slippers (Boston terriers!), and this super flattering off the shoulder dress!

Hope you enjoyed these deals and steals! Now let's all get through this Monday together...with the help of some retail therapy.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Live Colorful

Happy Hump Day! Closer to the weekend and we have beautiful weather, how perfect is that? Spring and summer are quickly approaching and I see the colorful wardrobes for the next few months. Now I love pink, cobalt blue, bright yellow, you name it and I will wear it (or at least attempt it!).Warmer months are the perfect time to experiment since there are so many options available and something in the spring just wants to make you want to throw off your basic black and try something different!
I love this ASOS Dress, off the shoulder trend, super flattering, bright pop of red and it's under $30? YES!
Image 1 of ASOS Gypsy Off Shoulder Mini Dress
Another brand I love all year round but is very prevalent in my summer wardrobe is Lilly Pulitzer. Yes, they can be somewhat pricy but the dresses last for years! The quality is amazing and they never go out of style. Lilly launched their new spring pieces last weekend and here are a few of my favorites (and I may have purchased a piece. Or two. Or there).
Parfait Crop Top & Skirt Set
Lilly Pulitzer Crop Top and Skirt

Ophelia Swing Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Jillie Swing Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Monterey Tank Dress
Another brand that I really like but is a bit pricier is the Reese Witherspoon created Draper James. True southern charm and great quality, I especially like the jewelry and handbag selection. If you aren't ready to take the plunge and wear all color then this is a great way to get your feet wet with bright colors!
Peabody Perforated Tote by Draper James
Draper James Peabody Tote
Printed Lady Bag by Draper James
Draper James Printed Lady Bag
Floral Quilted Minnie Bag by Draper James
Draper James Floral Printed Mini Bag (under $100)
Now I can't leave out some of my favorite places like Forever 21 who are inexpensive and can come in great use when you are on a budget (like most of us!) so you can really get some fun items like this white embroidered lace-up tunic (LOVE), this blushy pink bomber jacket, and if you aren't ready to part with you basic black add some color to it with this floral kimono (under $10!).

I also really look to H&M, if you get overwhelmed in the stores I highly suggest online shopping! You can take your time and really find some good pieces! This jersey tee adds a vibrant touch of pink (and under $10), this off the shoulder dress would be great for dinner out or drinks on the patio, this lovely chiffon dress would be perfect for Easter (under $30!), and this artistic dress would be wonderful on a lunch date or one of those days when you want to looked pulled together but still be comfy!

So, don't be afraid to wear bright colors! I guarantee you will get compliments, there is just something that makes your a bit peppier and have a "spring" (lol) in your step. If you aren't ready to wear full on neon orange (not sure anyone is) then take baby steps. Add a bright clutch, swipe on that flamingo pink lip color you have been dying to try, pop on some sunny yellow sandals, you can start incorporate colors day by day if you are used to a more neutral palette. If you still can't part with your basic LBD then add a colorful shawl, jacket, or kimono. Just a bit of color can brighten your whole day!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

St. Patty's Day Picks

 Happy Wednesday! We are almost to the weekend (insert praying hand emoji)! So, as we all know St. Patrick's Day is coming next week although there are sure to be parties and events this weekend. Even if you aren't into the holiday it's still fun to throw on some green (I mean who wants to be pinched?) and plus it's almost spring so there is always reason to celebrate!

I love this tee for a fun look day or night! Pair with denim cutoffs for day or white flares at night! Plus, this is a cute tee that can be worn after St. Patty's has come and gone! Preview the whole Wildfox "Rainbow Charm" collection here!

Lucky Horseshoe Woody Tee
I really like the brand Look Human for their unique and affordable tanks and tees. I always get lots of compliments on my running shirts and most of them come from this brand. They have tons of shirts to get you ready for some green holiday fun! Here are some of my favorites but check all of them out here!

Happy St. Catty's Day


Irish For a Day!
OMG I Lepre-Cat Even
If you are like me you might be planning on running a themed St. Patty's Day race. Maybe a Shamrock Run? How Perfect is this Sparkle Athletic skirt? Definitely over the rainbow! Pair with this fun tank!

Sparkle Athletic
If you just want to go for the green try a simple look to incorporate green, I love all these graphic tees (not all St. Patty's specific) and you all know I love a good vintage band tee from Urban Outfitters!

Urban Outfitters
Looking for green dresses check here and I also love this shift dress for a more dressier, flirty look and this swing dress (with pockets!) for a fun, casual look that is easy to wear and go. This comfy dress feels like a t-shirt and is only $20! If you are searching for a boho style then this bell sleeved dress is a great option and on sale (under $40) for a piece you will wear all summer!

Hope you enjoy being green!


Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Musts

Hello all! Hope we are all doing fabulous on this Monday even if we are still dreaming about Friday! Glad the weather is starting to warm up so I can get back to shooting outside and have some new fashion posts up! Until then here are some of my favorite things to get you through the week.

1. Wildfox Couture St. Patty's Day Collection

Don't forget to wear green 10 days from now! You guys know I love holidays and anytime to be festive so I had to find something to wear from work to play. Enter Wildfox Couture. I love this brand all the time but they always make an effort to have some fun pieces for each holiday. Find the perfect shirt to wear out with your besties!

Luck Is All You Need Shirt (Photo: Wildfox)

Speaking of tees, no one beats these vintage inspired shirts from DAYDREAMER. This are great staple pieces for your wardrobe when you want to throw something on but still look pulled together with a little edge. I love pairing one of these tees with a leather jacket and legging, add boots for a real rock look. Warmer temps? Lose the jacket and pair with denim cutoffs and gladiator sandals for rock chic style!

Ramones Road to Ruin Tee
Ramones Road to Ruin Tee

3. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

Confession, I can't really cook. But after seeing supermodel Chrissy Teigen's Instagram with all her delicious looking food, I knew I had to give this cookbook a shot! Chrissy and her hubby John Legend are one of my favorite celeb couples so I was excited to get this book to try out some recipes. I'm planning on throwing a summer kick-off party in May so hopefully I can perfect a recipe or three. Or one. I'll try.

Cravings, Chrissy Teigen
Cravings (Photo: Barnes and Noble)
4. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Remember the found footage film Cloverfield back in 2008? Well it appears the J.J. Abrams vehicle got a sequel but nobody really knows what it's about. The trailers have been secretive as has the plot and if it even has anything to do with the original film. All I know is I will be there opening night this Friday, March 11th! Check out the spooky trailer here!

(Poto Cred: Paramount)
5. The People vs. OJ Simpson on FX

I was very young during the "Trial of the Century" and knew about the case as I got older but never really grasped the sensationalism of the case until now. The TV show, The People vs. OJ Simpson, based on the best-selling book guides you through the trial starting the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found brutally murdered. The main suspect? Heisman Winning, College and NFL legendary running back OJ Simpson. The cast is fantastic, Cuba Gooding Jr and John Travolta are on another level, you have to keep watching week after week. I'm hooked!

The People vs. OJ Simpson airs on the FX Network on Tuesdays at 10/9 CT.

(Photo Cred: FX)

Hope you all enjoy my Monday Musts and shake off those Monday blues!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oscar Best Dressed 2016

Happy Super Tuesday! Who's going out to the polls today? No matter what your political preference is be sure to get out and vote today! Ok now to other important measures...the Oscar fashions.

I know we are all still excited that Leo finally got his Oscar and who loved that Mad Max: Fury Road took home so many statues? Sorry Stallone (I thought he would be a lock!) and personally I think Jennifer Lawrence should have claimed her second Best Actress award but hey I'm not a voter! However, I can give my picks for the best dressed of the night and how you can get the look for less.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

I was obsessed with this look! Everything from her hair (love the champagne blonde hue) to the make-up and the dramatic black and lace gown all tied in perfectly together.

Love the look? Try a more casual look like this dress (70% off)

2. Priyanka Chopra

The former Miss World wowed in this beautiful white creation. I love white dresses but you have to be careful not to look to bridal at black tie events and this dress executed the trend perfectly. Absolutely stunning dress!

Love the look? Try a dramatic gown like this one (40% off)
3. Alicia Vikander

This is a close second to my favorite dress, the sunny yellow provided a breath of fresh air and let's be honest, she looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast which I love! The best supporting actress winner chose the perfect dress for her big night.

Love the look? Try this fun dress!

4. Reese Witherspoon

The Oscar winner and two time nominees always is one of my top fashion picks! I love her style, plus she's a southern girl and carries that in her fashion choices. The style and bodice of this dress is not only flattering but creates the ever-popular hour glass shape. Add in the rich color and it was a stunner on the red carpet!

Love the look? Check out the style of this gown!

5. Olivia Wilde

When she was presenting at the show, you immediately noticed this gown because of the plunging neckline and the drama of the dress. I thought the color gave it almost an ethereal look while the choker was dramatic yet very chic at the same time. This dress requires confidence to pull off and she did so elegantly!

Love the look? Try this dress for a black tie event!

6. Brie Larson

If you know there's a good shot you are taking home the Best Actress award then you need to come to prepared! Brie did just that and I loved, loved, loved this whimsical dress in such a pretty blue. With a few wrong tweaks it could have looked like a dress you would see at a high school prom but the pulled back hair and minimal make-up with a bright lip really pulled the outfit together. The added bling around the waist adds just a touch of sparkle and she lets that be the focus piece of the dress.

Love the look? Try this cobalt blue dress!

7. Margot Robbie

This is another gown that as soon as I saw I knew it was going to be on every best dressed list! I for one, really like long sleeved dresses, especially when they look as classic and fresh as Margot's choice. She went for the gold...literally. With this dress, the key was minimal hair and make-up to allow the dress to shine, which it did!

Love the look? Go for the gold like Margot in this number!

8. Charlize Theron

First off if you haven't seen the new Mad Max, go watch it now because she and Tom Hardy are so good in an amazing film. Second, this dress was one of the first I saw on the red carpet and everyone at my Oscar party agreed that she looked fabulous! This woman never seems to age and the red hue was so eye-catching that this was a dress you had to notice. She always has the touch of the Hollywood Golden Age era with her choices and pulls it off every single time!

Love the look? Try this red gown!

Hope you guys enjoyed my pick! Until awards season next year!