Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Live Colorful

Happy Hump Day! Closer to the weekend and we have beautiful weather, how perfect is that? Spring and summer are quickly approaching and I see the colorful wardrobes for the next few months. Now I love pink, cobalt blue, bright yellow, you name it and I will wear it (or at least attempt it!).Warmer months are the perfect time to experiment since there are so many options available and something in the spring just wants to make you want to throw off your basic black and try something different!
I love this ASOS Dress, off the shoulder trend, super flattering, bright pop of red and it's under $30? YES!
Image 1 of ASOS Gypsy Off Shoulder Mini Dress
Another brand I love all year round but is very prevalent in my summer wardrobe is Lilly Pulitzer. Yes, they can be somewhat pricy but the dresses last for years! The quality is amazing and they never go out of style. Lilly launched their new spring pieces last weekend and here are a few of my favorites (and I may have purchased a piece. Or two. Or there).
Parfait Crop Top & Skirt Set
Lilly Pulitzer Crop Top and Skirt

Ophelia Swing Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Jillie Swing Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Monterey Tank Dress
Another brand that I really like but is a bit pricier is the Reese Witherspoon created Draper James. True southern charm and great quality, I especially like the jewelry and handbag selection. If you aren't ready to take the plunge and wear all color then this is a great way to get your feet wet with bright colors!
Peabody Perforated Tote by Draper James
Draper James Peabody Tote
Printed Lady Bag by Draper James
Draper James Printed Lady Bag
Floral Quilted Minnie Bag by Draper James
Draper James Floral Printed Mini Bag (under $100)
Now I can't leave out some of my favorite places like Forever 21 who are inexpensive and can come in great use when you are on a budget (like most of us!) so you can really get some fun items like this white embroidered lace-up tunic (LOVE), this blushy pink bomber jacket, and if you aren't ready to part with you basic black add some color to it with this floral kimono (under $10!).

I also really look to H&M, if you get overwhelmed in the stores I highly suggest online shopping! You can take your time and really find some good pieces! This jersey tee adds a vibrant touch of pink (and under $10), this off the shoulder dress would be great for dinner out or drinks on the patio, this lovely chiffon dress would be perfect for Easter (under $30!), and this artistic dress would be wonderful on a lunch date or one of those days when you want to looked pulled together but still be comfy!

So, don't be afraid to wear bright colors! I guarantee you will get compliments, there is just something that makes your a bit peppier and have a "spring" (lol) in your step. If you aren't ready to wear full on neon orange (not sure anyone is) then take baby steps. Add a bright clutch, swipe on that flamingo pink lip color you have been dying to try, pop on some sunny yellow sandals, you can start incorporate colors day by day if you are used to a more neutral palette. If you still can't part with your basic LBD then add a colorful shawl, jacket, or kimono. Just a bit of color can brighten your whole day!


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