Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Fall Bar Cart Season



Hello all! Tomorrow officially kicks off my favorite month, October! I'm not just saying that because it's my birthday month. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I love all things spooky! We will see how well this theory holds during my visit to Halloween Horror Nights this weekend in Orlando (bets on if I keep my eyes open in any of the houses?). It also unofficially kicks off the holiday season in my book. There's just something special about October. As much as I loved my bright pink flamingos and pink motif I had previously going on with my bar cart, I knew it was time to switch for fall.

Bar carts are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your home and they come in all sizes and price ranges. Anyone can have a bar cart even if they don't physically have the cart. You can just as easily have a bar area set up on a table or a certain section in your kitchen, dining room areas work well also. Having your bar area on a table is a great way to incorporate this idea into your home, especially ideal if you live in an apartment. All you really need is a chic tray. Updating your bar cart and/or tray is super easy for the changing seasons.

I start off with the surrounding area where I keep my cart. Put a few pictures above the cart area if you please. They can be changed from season to season or can be left year round. The components of the bar area stay relatively the same just with a few updates. For instance, instead of lemons and limes in a small vase for summer just replace those with some fall looking pinecones which can also work for winter (I plan on changing the bar cart to a hot chocolate cart in Dec!). I just picked up a few fake mini-pinecones in a bag via Hobby Lobby. I also got the small vase and two of the pictures. Hobby Lobby is awesome to find details for your cart. Make sure you check or ask for the 40% off coupon that is usually available each week. You can often find it online!

The other items were found at Target and just things I had from previous seasons. You can check the bottom to see where I purchased most of the items and please let me know if you have any questions on decorating your cart or anything else you see here. I love hearing from you all!

Go get started on your cart now!

Happy Last Day of September!


Golden Bar Cart// Target  Decorative Pumpkins// Target  Chalk Sign// Target  Bloody Mary Cocktail Glass//  West Elm  Mini-Glitter Pumpkins// Hobby Lobby  Oh Dear Wall Art// Hobby Lobby  Gold Décor Wall Art// Hobby Lobby  Labrador Painting// Shoptiques  Shut Up and Dance With Me Print// Design Darling  BAR Marquee Sign//  Nordstrom

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Festive


It might be Monday but fall is officially in the air! Ok, well maybe it is still a little warm here in the South but that doesn't mean you can't have a touch of fall flair. I ordered this super cute, whimsical (it twirls when you walk!) dress towards the end of summer from one of my favorite boutiques The Shadee Palm. They have some really great pieces at good prices. Plus their clothes look good on all body shapes and sizes which is fantastic when ordering online. I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases!

The dress works great for those transitional days when you need a jacket in the morning but then it gets hot and you just take your jacket off. It also works to add a bit more drama at night to make the demure dress a little "tougher". I paired the dress with one of my favorite leather jackets along with a pumpkin colored crossbody (love taking this one to football games and concerts) and a few simple jewelry pieces. Long necklaces are one of my favorite trends year-round! My favorite item for fall has to be fringe booties. I wore them all last year and glad to see they are back again. I picked up this brown pair two weeks ago and haven't taken them off. Definitely a new fall staple.

Shop the look below and keep checking back here this week for new posts on fashion and DIY home decorating (yay fall bar carts!).

Happy Shopping!


Slip It On Dress// The Shadee Palm Boutique (under $36)  Brown Leather Jacket// old but here is a similar option (under $50) or this splurgier option  Mini Mac Crossbody// Rebecca Minkoff  Juneau Booties// Dolce Vita  Wood Bead Tusk Pendant// Accessory Concierge

Friday, September 25, 2015

Loveliest Village on the Plains Travel Guide

Hello everyone! Hope we are all having a beautiful and spirited Friday! Speaking of spirit, we are right here in the beginning of football season. Some love the NFL (go Panthers!) others live for college football (remember I am from the South) and some just don't care. I am here to tell you a little about my former college town and if you plan on visiting the Loveliest Village on the Plains here is a little guide for you!

Toomer's Corner (photo credit:
1. Toomer's Corner and Toomer's Lemonade 

Every person who visits Auburn HAS to take a stroll through Toomer's Corner. Each college has their own traditions and "rolling" the trees after an Auburn win (yes, we throw toilet paper into the trees after a win. Much more exciting than it sounds!) at Toomer's as well as the famed Lemonade is essential. If you are on the opposing team you won't want to roll the trees but you must try the lemonade sold at Toomer's Drugs. In addition to the lemonade I highly suggest the ice cream sandwich and the milkshakes are delicious!

2. Big Blue Bagel and Deli-Tiger Melt Sandwich and Bagel Chips
One of the reasons I had to take up running in college was because of all the delicious restaurants in Auburn. Maybe my favorite place to eat lunch after class was the Big Blue Bagel and Deli. As you can tell from some of my food posts and reviews on the blog, once I find something I like...that's what I stick with for years to come. My favorite meal is the Tiger Melt which is chicken salad served open face with melted Colby cheese on your choice of toasted bagel (I suggest the wheat!) with a side of bagel chips and strawberry cream cheese to dip your chips into. It is delicious! They also have turkey, ham, club sandwiches, etc. all which are served on a bagel (they have several to choose from) or lighter fare such as fruit and cottage cheese. Although you really need to order the Tiger Melt and bagel chips, it's one of the 100 Meals You Need to Try in Alabama Before You Die. You won't be disappointed!
Photo Credit:
3. Behind the Glass Boutique
In college I was know to go shopping a few times each semester...or weekly. College towns are often filled with cute boutiques to get you ready for class, a date or game day. Auburn is no exception. I have several favorite boutiques in town, a close second is Therapy (you can order online!) but my most frequented? Behind the Glass. I LOVED going in each time I saw new arrivals hit the display windows. It carries some of my favorite brands such as Free People, Wildfox Couture, Dreamer plus other cool boho pieces. They also have an awesome and unique array of jewelry and home goods so it is definitely worth a visit! Can't make it to Auburn? Don't worry you can shop online.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

4. Acre
This is one of the BEST restaurants I have eaten at and I'm glad I got to enjoy it my last two years on the Plains. The menu reads like something out of a fresh harvest edition of Southern Living. The menu changes frequently only ensuring the freshest of options. I would suggest starting out with the cheese plate, then the Lee County Sampler for the vegans and the Grilled Hereford Beef Tenderloin if you like meat for the entree. The Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie and Smoked Apple Bread Pudding are my dessert picks but if you can't decide, go with the Dessert Board which gives you a taste of each dessert available! The also have an wide array of drinks for your choosing. Be sure to make a reservation, they do get busy especially during game weekends!
Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. Jordan Hare Stadium
Ok, this is an obvious one if you are going to the game but even if you decide to just chill and watch while tailgating outside, I still recommend taking a walk over to the stadium. If you want to get pictures (I know I love getting pics at other school/team stadiums!) there are plenty of opportunities right outside the gates. May I suggest getting one with Auburn's 2010's Heisman and own personal Superman, Cam Newton? Well, his statue at least. You'll see tons of excited fans and the atmosphere is electric from both teams! Plus, if you go inside you get to see the Largest Scoreboard in College Football. See, checking things off your bucket list one travel adventure at a time.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Those are my picks but here are a few reminders!
-Start out early! During big games there will be traffic leading into the area.
-Park Carefully! Parking is crazy on game days and I will be the first to tell you...the city DOES TOW. Believe me. I know. Pay the $10-$20 for a parking space if you can. It is much easier, usually close to the stadium and you will know for certain that you won't find a boot or your car towed when the game is over.
-Remember where you parked. This can be hard even if you have been coming to games for years. Take a picture of the spot or surrounding buildings, area, etc. if you think that will help you remember.
-You can walk to most areas in Auburn so once you find/purchase a spot there is no need to move your car unless you absolutely have to.
I hope everyone has a wonderful time this weekend whether you are attending a game, watching one at home with your buddies or if you don't care just chilling on a Saturday.
If you are an Auburn or Mississippi Sate fan, have fun on the Plains and I hope you enjoyed my picks and tips!
Happy Traveling!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Music Wednesday

Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely first day of fall! Taking a little fashion break today to tell you some of my favorite music right now. If you are new to the blog (welcome!) I normally do one of these posts twice a month. It usually contains four new albums and one classic but not limited to just that. It can include anything in the music realm!

Let's get the picks started!

1. Lana Del Ray, Honeymoon

Even since I heard Lana's song Video Games a few years ago, I've been a fan. Yes, I know her performance on SNL the same year was a bit shaky but I loved her sound. Lana almost sounds like she is in the wrong decade and that isn't a bad thing. Here new album Honeymoon has arrived and it is one of my favorite albums for fall. Her title song by the same name is classic Lana which I will say may not be for everyone but I suggest giving it your time. More artists are trying to emulate her sound and style so give a listen to the original!

Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon (Official Album Cover).png

2. Ryan Adams, 1989

 I have no shame in admitting that Taylor Swift's 2014 album 1989 was my favorite of last year. Ryan Adams has taken it upon himself to pay tribute by recreating the entire album which was released this past Tuesday. Ryan Adams is wonderful and I may dare say does better on some of Ms. Swift's songs than herself. If you really want to compare you can use this guide  but my favorites from Ryan's version are "Wildest Dreams", "Style" and "Welcome to New York".

3. Ed Shareen X Concert

Ok, I've mentioned Ed before and I could probably write a whole blog post on my experience at his concert last weekend but I decided to share it here. In one word the concert was...Incredible. Seeing the talent in person does his songs more justice than listening ever could. The talent this guy has is off the charts. He is essentially a one man band. Check here to see when Ed is coming to your town! Oh and be sure to stay for the encore when you get to hear Ed rap to songs like "In da Club" and is good at it. One of the best arena concerts I've ever attended! Oh and if you really want to see Ed rap take a look!

Ed Sheeran Tickets

4.  Fetty Wap Deluxe by Fetty Wap

His debut album is released Friday but Fetty is already a household name. I mean he's part of Taylor Swift's squad.and you have probably heard his hit "Trap Queen" that got him noticed last year. The album is set to be a big seller this fall and highly anticipated.  If his first album is anything like his singles you are in for some great beats and music to get you ready to go out! With several accolades already Fetty is poised to be the next big thing. Look for the album Sept 25th!

Fetty Wap (Deluxe), Fetty Wap

5. The Beatles, Yellow Submarine

I can't believe I've been making these posts for a few month now and have yet to include the Beatles. I am a huge fan (like just about everyone) but there is just something about their songs that make you want to listen. The lyrics can be simple but at the same time tell a story. The album "Yellow Submarine" may remind you of The Beatles animated film but I think of the other songs on the album which includes three of my favorites. Eleanor Rigby  has depressing lyrics but with the instrumental beats you can't help but listen. The album also includes Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever which are essential songs from The Beatles. Now go and put on your flared jeans.

That wraps up today's picks! Hope you enjoy and please don't hesitate to share music, movie, books, whatever with me! I love hearing from you guys so shoot me an email or comment below.

Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Flapper

Hey babes! We are officially in fall mode so say your final goodbyes to summer 2015! I for one am ready for a bit of a temperature change but since it's still a bit toasty here in the South we can't abandon all summer apparel. The key is to find items that still have that fall flair but won't cause you to have a heat stroke when it reaches 80 degrees out. Today's outfit fits that bill perfectly!
I saw this dress from the super adorable Gigi's Boutique and knew it was a fall must-have. The look reminded me of a modern flapper, 20's meets the 2000's with a bit of a boho western twist. The blush colored fringe dress has the suede look which is great for fall and gives it that rich look. I may live in the South but that doesn't meant I want to dress like a cowgirl. Too much fringe can make you look like you are late for a rodeo or a Woodstock revival concert so I like to limit my fringe to one piece. For instance, I love this dress but it may look too over the top with fringe booties and a fringe bag. Mix it up, the strappy platforms bring in that 70's vibe which is big for this season and makes the dress the feature.
Throw in a few accessories such as this Jackson and Hyde clutch and my pale beaded arrowhead necklace and you have fall look to dance the night away! This is by far one of my favorite looks I've posted on the blog and I hope you enjoy it too. Stay tuned for more fall fashions and shop the entire look below!
Happy Shopping!

Have to Have Fringe Dress// Gigi's Boutique  Crossbody Clutch// Jackson and Hyde  Strappy Faux Suede Platforms// Forever 21  Beaded Arrowhead Necklace// Brantley Cecilia  Bangle// Bourbon and Boweties

Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Things Friday

TGIF! We made it to the end and I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Next week I have several looks and exciting posts I can't wait to share with you all but let's kick off the end of this week with a little Five Things Friday!

1. Jackson and Hyde Crossbody

I discovered this fun collection of cow print inspired bags and clutches a few months ago and while they work for summer, I think they are the perfect accessory for fall. The crossbody can be worn as a clutch for a charming touch at an upscale event or pull out the straps to go dancing at your favorite local bar. I love the size of the crossbody clutch because it has enough for the essentials but not too huge where it looks like you are heading to a rodeo. Check out the wide array of patterns and colors here!
New Caledonia
Jackson and Hyde

2. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kailing

The follow up to Mindy's delightful first memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) is another sure-fire hit. Seen as a more "real" celebrity, Mindy chronicles her life in Hollywood and faces the struggles that everyone has felt at times including love, success and being lonely by telling her stories in the most endearing way. At the end of both her books, you see Mindy as a friend you might spend a Saturday catching up with. And seeing yourself in similar situations that she tells you about.

Why Not Me?
3. The Visit

It doesn't feel like it's been 15 years since we infamously heard the phrase "I see dead people'" from the mega-hit, ultimate twisty The Sixth Sense. In that time director M. Night Shyamalan has gone from Oscar nominee to films that lack that extra scare (or plot in some cases). He may have gotten back on track with The Visit. M. Night seems to have finally returned to his classic spooky story telling and of course, the twist. Get some pre-Halloween action at the theatres this weekend and see for yourself!

The Visit (2015 film) poster.jpg

4. Piko Tops and Dresses

I can not get enough of these comfy tops and dresses! The feel like pj's and are that super-soft tee material that you just want to wear everyday. The come in every color that you can think of including hot fall hues such as olive, nude, charcoal and teal. Extremely flattering and can easily be dressed up or down. How can you not love this brand!?

Majolica Blue Piko Tunic 3/4 Sleeve Dress
Piko (on Sale $21!)

5. Avondale Brewing Co.

My local pick of the week is the Avondale Brewing Co. There are so many breweries to choose from but Avondale remains a constant favorite. I love the official mascot Miss Fancy, the famed elephant who was the prize attraction at nearby Avondale Park, many, many years ago. Her presence and logo are everywhere and there is even a brew named after her (warning it is strong).  You can find a list of all the brews here. I'm not much of a drinker but I enjoy Avondale on a sunny afternoon/crisp night in autumn. If you are getting ready for your tailgate or just to watch the games at home, Avondale brews are sold in numerous areas outside the brewery so find them at location near you!

Hope you enjoyed my five things today! Have a fab weekend and check back here Monday for a new fashion post!

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Finds

Hey everyone! We are a few hours till Friday (enter praise emoji) so I thought I would share a few of my favorite pieces for fall. I was in Target today and already started collecting items for my fall bar cart (can't wait to show you guys soon!) and just being around all the pumpkins, skeletons and fall foliage made me ready to throw on a scarf and riding boots. Ok, it is still pretty hot here in the Ham but we can prep right? Check out some of my favorites below and most items are under $100!

For great fall shopping be sure to check out some of my favorite shops including Impressions, Wildfox, Nordstrom, Forever 21, and The Happy Goose Shop. I will be posting lots of looks and my own styling's right here on the blog from these shops and more next week! Stay tuned!

Also, check out how I styled one of my favorite looks here (romper, fedora and platforms under $100 for all three items).

1. Cheetah Print Shift Dress (under $30)

I love this dress! I can't wait to style it for the blog next week. I'm thinking tying a denim jacket/shirt around the waist with my converse for a laid back look or pair it with booties for a night out. The material is so soft, like one of your comfiest tees but in a stylish dress!

Cheetah Me Pretty Shift Dress
Impressions (photo credit: Shop Impressions)

2. Downtown Leather Leggings (under $25)

One of my favorite looks in cooler months is leggings with a vintage style rock tee (make sure the shirt is long enough so size up if needed!) and a leather jacket. Get the full vibe by wearing these leather inspired leggings! Can also pair with a longer tunic or sweater and "toughen" up a look just like that.

The Happy Goose Shop 

3. Sam Edelman "Penny" Boots (under $150)

I am obsessed with the Tori Burch Joanna Riding Boot but paying close to $500 for one pair of boots? That isn't realistic for me. I did come across these which are ON SALE and still have that crisp look perfect for fall. Stylish and on sale? Sign me up!

Nordstrom (photo credit: Nordstrom)

4. Faux Suede Lace-Up Dress (under $25)

The 70's are BACK this season! Fringe, platforms and suede are all popular choices for fall. This dress is perfect for those nights out when you just want to throw on something and go. Super flattering sleeves, loose fit and a shorter hem make it a great choice!

Forever 21 (photo credit: Forever 21)
5. Stripes On Repeat Trapeze Dress (Under $30)

Stripes are another big trend for fall. Wear this dress now in the heat and later with a leather jacket or cardigan. Love the breezy simple look that can be dressed up!

Stripes On Repeat Trapeze Dress in Black
Impressions (Photo Credit: Shop Impressions)

6. Fringe Booties (under $65)

I have been on this trend since last fall and I LOVE my fringe booties! Look at your local boutiques and utilize online shops to find the best deals and options. I think this pair is fabulous and only 64!

Flippin Fringe Bootie in Taupe
Impressions (photo credit: Impressions)

7. Afternoon Delight Vest in Sage (under $45)

I wasn't sold on the military style till I saw this vest! Love the colorful detailing and the olive green combo. I will be styling this on the blog soon as well! I'm thinking a black dress, or off-white or denim...endless possibilities!

Afternoon Delight Vest in Sage
Impressions (photo credit: Shop Impressions)
8. Luxe Cuddles Tunic Sweater (under $70)

Doesn't this make you want to put on your boots and head on a fall walk? Love this cozy look that will work well into winter when you pair it with tights and booties for a great day look or for those super chilly nights!

Luxe Cuddles Tunic Sweater in Grey
Impressions (photo credit: Shop Impressions)
9. Cat's Meow Watch (under $200)

I had to include one splurge item! This watch just reminds me of Halloween-time but not so much that it has to be put away after October 31st. Perfect for all of fall (and rest of the year!) plus it packs in so much personality.

Happy Shopping!

Kate Spade (photo credit: Kate Spade)