Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Disneyland Half Packing List

Hello all! Hope everyone is having a lovely hump day! I'm super jealous that many of my running followers are getting ready to head out to sunny California tomorrow for the Disneyland Half-Marathon weekend! I will be boarding my flight Friday evening so I will have to live vicariously through Instagram posts of many of you until I arrive.

The hours are ticking down and I'm sure lots of you have been packed for a week. Some of you have been staring at an empty suitcase for a few days now and your flight leaves in 3 hours. Do not panic I am here to help! 

Packing for a "racecation" can be somewhat difficult even more so than just a regular vacation. Remember to take ALL running items you may need. If you get to Anaheim without running either make a dash to the gift shop to buy some Mickey shoes or hope the expo has something in your size. Otherwise you are out of luck. Here are a few ideas on what to bring and reminders for the weekend!

Race Packing List

1. Running Shoes

This one is crucial, if you do not have your shoes it will be very difficult to run! The good thing is if you happen to forget your shoes then you can visit the Expo on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I happened to take the wrong pair over the WDW Marathon weekend (they were both pink!) and I was fortunate to find a pair at the 11th hour at the expo. I would not advise running in new shoes but if this does occur, try to wear them as much as possible to break them in before the big race.

Check out the New Balance Donald Shoe at the Expo!
                                               Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 10:00 AM - 8:00PM
                                               Friday, September 4, 2015 - 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
                                               Saturday, September 5, 2015 - 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
                                               Location: Disneyland® Hotel Exhibit Hall

2. Costume 

So, you've work hard on your costume (I can't wait to see!) make sure no pieces get lost or fall out by using a large zip lock bag to place all your costume materials in! Running multiple races? Pack each costume in an individual bag!
3. Compression Running shorts 

Another important one ladies! If you are running in a fabulous Sparkle Athletic skirt (which I know you are) or any costume that does not have built in shorts, DO NOT FORGET YOUR OWN ATHLETIC SHORTS OR CAPRIS to wear under the skirt/and or costume. I love this option from Target. I wear them all the time and they are comfortable and don't ride up.

C9 Champion® Women's Compression Short Limo Black M

4. Watch

If you run with a GPS watch be sure to pack it plus its charger!
5. iPod

I prefer not to run with an iPod at Disney races (there is so much going on!) but if you can't run without it then don't forget it.

6. Carry-On

For race weekends, I like taking a carry on. The trip is usually only 2-3 days and I feel much better knowing all my running supplies are with me. Plus, no waiting at baggage claim!

Rockland Luggage, 19-in. Expandable Spinner Carry-On
Leopard Print Carry On (under $100)

7. Socks

Another no brainer but this another item that is easily forgettable in the midst of packing. Protect your feet!

8.  Body Glide

This stuff is amazing for anyone, guys and girls. If you want any type of anti-chafe for any part of your body this is for you. They also sell this product at the expo.

9. Running Belt

If you run with a hydration belt, running belt or FlipBelt don't forget to stick it with your stash.
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10. Waivers

Yes, they have printing machines at the expo but it is so much easier to print your waivers off here now!
11. Sunglasses 

It's going to get sunny during the half so be sure to have your shades ready.

12. Phone Charger

You are going to be taking pics with characters, jumping in front of the castle, Instagramming, Facebook posts, tweeting, texting throughout your 3.1, 6.2, and/or 13.1 adventure so be sure to have your phone charged up! This is a nightmare scenario for most since all of our information from reservations to flight numbers are on our phones. DO NOT FORGET THE CHARGER!

If you are flying...

Boarding Pass
-offered online now and can be kept on phone. I like to still have a paper copy in case my phone dies during the layover or something malfunctions.

-Some of you may only have an hour or so to get to the Golden State...others of us have a longer journey. Pack reading materials, the flight can get boring.

-A lot of you may be flying on a larger plane and have your own screen in front of your seat. Others have the shared screen and some may have no screen. It all depends on your plane and airline. Take your tablet and watch movies via iTunes rentals or take your favorite flick and watch on your laptop. If you are a nervous flyer (like I can be) this takes your mind off things and lets you relax during the trip.

 Comfy Clothes and Sandals
-I like to stick to loose dresses on the flight to a race then I normally wear Nike shorts and a tank/tee on the flight home. I also prefer wearing sandals since you have to remove them for security purposes at the airport plus you want to be comfortable on the plane!

One last thing...

Don't forget your mouse ears! I am completely obsessed with this adorable Etsy shop and the owner's ears, Ears By Design. Warning the ears sell out SUPER FAST so you have to have speedy twitter fingers or shall I say Instagram fingers (@earsbydesign) when she posts that new ears are available. They are literally gone in minutes. I love my Inside/Out pair!

Now go pack and HAVE FUN! You are going to the happiest place on earth!

See ya real soon!

Happy Travels,



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