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Loveliest Village on the Plains Travel Guide

Hello everyone! Hope we are all having a beautiful and spirited Friday! Speaking of spirit, we are right here in the beginning of football season. Some love the NFL (go Panthers!) others live for college football (remember I am from the South) and some just don't care. I am here to tell you a little about my former college town and if you plan on visiting the Loveliest Village on the Plains here is a little guide for you!

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1. Toomer's Corner and Toomer's Lemonade 

Every person who visits Auburn HAS to take a stroll through Toomer's Corner. Each college has their own traditions and "rolling" the trees after an Auburn win (yes, we throw toilet paper into the trees after a win. Much more exciting than it sounds!) at Toomer's as well as the famed Lemonade is essential. If you are on the opposing team you won't want to roll the trees but you must try the lemonade sold at Toomer's Drugs. In addition to the lemonade I highly suggest the ice cream sandwich and the milkshakes are delicious!

2. Big Blue Bagel and Deli-Tiger Melt Sandwich and Bagel Chips
One of the reasons I had to take up running in college was because of all the delicious restaurants in Auburn. Maybe my favorite place to eat lunch after class was the Big Blue Bagel and Deli. As you can tell from some of my food posts and reviews on the blog, once I find something I like...that's what I stick with for years to come. My favorite meal is the Tiger Melt which is chicken salad served open face with melted Colby cheese on your choice of toasted bagel (I suggest the wheat!) with a side of bagel chips and strawberry cream cheese to dip your chips into. It is delicious! They also have turkey, ham, club sandwiches, etc. all which are served on a bagel (they have several to choose from) or lighter fare such as fruit and cottage cheese. Although you really need to order the Tiger Melt and bagel chips, it's one of the 100 Meals You Need to Try in Alabama Before You Die. You won't be disappointed!
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3. Behind the Glass Boutique
In college I was know to go shopping a few times each semester...or weekly. College towns are often filled with cute boutiques to get you ready for class, a date or game day. Auburn is no exception. I have several favorite boutiques in town, a close second is Therapy (you can order online!) but my most frequented? Behind the Glass. I LOVED going in each time I saw new arrivals hit the display windows. It carries some of my favorite brands such as Free People, Wildfox Couture, Dreamer plus other cool boho pieces. They also have an awesome and unique array of jewelry and home goods so it is definitely worth a visit! Can't make it to Auburn? Don't worry you can shop online.
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4. Acre
This is one of the BEST restaurants I have eaten at and I'm glad I got to enjoy it my last two years on the Plains. The menu reads like something out of a fresh harvest edition of Southern Living. The menu changes frequently only ensuring the freshest of options. I would suggest starting out with the cheese plate, then the Lee County Sampler for the vegans and the Grilled Hereford Beef Tenderloin if you like meat for the entree. The Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie and Smoked Apple Bread Pudding are my dessert picks but if you can't decide, go with the Dessert Board which gives you a taste of each dessert available! The also have an wide array of drinks for your choosing. Be sure to make a reservation, they do get busy especially during game weekends!
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5. Jordan Hare Stadium
Ok, this is an obvious one if you are going to the game but even if you decide to just chill and watch while tailgating outside, I still recommend taking a walk over to the stadium. If you want to get pictures (I know I love getting pics at other school/team stadiums!) there are plenty of opportunities right outside the gates. May I suggest getting one with Auburn's 2010's Heisman and own personal Superman, Cam Newton? Well, his statue at least. You'll see tons of excited fans and the atmosphere is electric from both teams! Plus, if you go inside you get to see the Largest Scoreboard in College Football. See, checking things off your bucket list one travel adventure at a time.
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Those are my picks but here are a few reminders!
-Start out early! During big games there will be traffic leading into the area.
-Park Carefully! Parking is crazy on game days and I will be the first to tell you...the city DOES TOW. Believe me. I know. Pay the $10-$20 for a parking space if you can. It is much easier, usually close to the stadium and you will know for certain that you won't find a boot or your car towed when the game is over.
-Remember where you parked. This can be hard even if you have been coming to games for years. Take a picture of the spot or surrounding buildings, area, etc. if you think that will help you remember.
-You can walk to most areas in Auburn so once you find/purchase a spot there is no need to move your car unless you absolutely have to.
I hope everyone has a wonderful time this weekend whether you are attending a game, watching one at home with your buddies or if you don't care just chilling on a Saturday.
If you are an Auburn or Mississippi Sate fan, have fun on the Plains and I hope you enjoyed my picks and tips!
Happy Traveling!


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