Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creating Your Own Vintage Tee Look

The graphic tee is one of my favorites, in fact my typical go-to outfit is a vintage looking tee and a mini-skirt (I love the tribal inspired skirts that are so poplar at the moment!) and you can't go wrong with a basic black skirt either. But it seems everyone loves the graphic tee trend...I sometimes see tees for over $80-$100. I'm here to tell you that you can make that rock look on your own without breaking the bank.

This weekend I'm attending the Black Jacket Symphony performance featuring songs by Nirvana and Pearl Jam. I'm more than a little excited, I've seen several Black Jackey Symphony shows and they are fantastic! The show this weekend at Iron City (a GREAT concert venue) is sold out but get your tickets here for the same show on June 5th and 6th being held at Workplay (another awesome venue). But, back to the look for this weekend! Check out how I made a basic men's t-shirt look like one of my fashion staples I would buy at my local boutique! 

Step 1: Purchase your band's shirt. I like this option from Target (it's only $12.99!).

Step 2: Cut the sleeves to create the sleeveless tank look. You can go for a typical tank or cut a little wider if you want to wear a decorative tank or bra under to be seen. 

Step 3: Repeat step 2 on opposite sleeve.  You can use previous sleeve to line up to make sure you cut evenly.

Step 4: Cut the collar of the shirt. You can do this straight across or make a V-neck. Obviously straight across is a tad easier plus if it looks a little frayed, it goes with the style.

Step 5: You are done! Now you can add fringe to the bottom just by cutting small pieces (see Pearl Jam shirt example on my Instagram) and this looks really cute with jean cut offs. Or you can mix it up by wearing fun jewelry and go up a size or two if you want to make the look as a dress (depending on your height).  Style as you wish! 

Check out my Instagram to see how I've styled the look!


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