Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mint Chocolate Chip Muffins with an Ice Box Coffee Twist

I have to be up early each morning. I'm talking before the sun is out, it is literally still dark and you can sometimes see the stars. During the weekdays I'm working with a local sports talk radio show and on weekends I'm often training for my next half-marathon. Throw in graduate school classes and with a schedule like that, coffee is often necessary. Enter Ice Box Coffee. I love iced coffee so imagine my happiness when I found a brand that is not only delicious but fresh.
For my summertime recipe I wanted to create something that reminds me of warm weather and of course summers here in the South. I decided to create my own recipe for some mint chocolate chip muffins sprinkled with almonds and pecans. Oh and of course adding some Ice Box Coffee to the mix! Cupcakes are one of my favorite treats and a muffin is a little like a cupcake, right? So, for this treat we are going to make it sweet like a cupcake but a bit healthier.
Let's get started!
What you need: Mixer, 12 count cupcake/muffin baking pan, small bags of sliced almonds, small bag of crushed pecans,  9oz bag of dark chocolate morsel with mint filling (Nestle Toll House), baking cups, whipped vegetable oil spread (this one had sea salt) for butter, 3 cups all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 12oz Ice Box Coffee (Madagascar Vanilla), 1 teaspoon vanilla, 2 cups of sugar, and 3 large eggs.
Optional: Butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips (can be used for additional flavor/sweetness or if you are allergic or don't care for almonds or pecans).
Step 1: To create your batter, combine flour, butter, eggs, sugar, mint chocolate chips, baking powder, baking soda, and the ice box coffee into your mixer. You can also manually mix by hand but make sure to get the batter smooth. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Step 2: After you have mixed the batter thoroughly, pour into baking cups (as seen below). Sprinkle almonds and pecans on top. Can also place cranberries, any type of nut, and or semi-sweet chips you desire.
Pre-Baked Muffins
Step 3: Once all the muffins are in the pan, place them in your oven and allow them to bake for 35 minutes.

Muffins mid-bake

Step 4: Periodically check your muffins until they are golden brown on top. Stick a butter knife in one of the muffins if you are unsure they are cooked on the inside, When you pull the knife out it should not contain any uncooked, gooey batter. After it is established they are fully baked, take the muffins out of the oven.
Completed, baked muffins
Step 5: Let muffins cool for 10-15 minutes. They will be hot! You can also use this time to sprinkle powdered sugar, additional chips, nuts, fruit, or topping on muffins.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Final Product
This recipe is super easy and I love how the Ice Box Coffee mixed in with the batter adds a little extra kick! You can modify by adding other ingredients you deem necessary or that you personally enjoy. Mint Chocolate Chip is one of my favorite combinations and loved the pairing with a side drink of the New Orleans Blend to really get the morning started.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe! Be sure to check out Ice Box Coffee and see where it is sold near you! You can also always buy online.

Happy Baking!


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