Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fan Festival Ready

It's no secret I love music. I also love concerts. So music festivals for me are a no brainer. As you may know I recently attended the fabulous Slossfest right here in beautiful Birmingham, AL. You can read all about my experience here! That got me thinking, what are the best music festivals in the country? I have attended several and each year the lineups just appear to get better and better. What's really cool is when festivals book artists several months (possibly a year) in advance and then certain artists blows up and you get to see them at a premiere location without the hefty concert ticket price.  That seemed to be a trend at last year's Atlanta Music Midtown Festival (and it was amazing!). Let's get the list started!

Fest: Tomorrowworld

Where? Atlanta, GA

When? September 25-27

The name is enough for me to want to attend. A spinoff of the very popular Tomorrowland fest (held in Belgium at the end of July) this festival is like fairies, nymphs, woods, and music all rolled into one. Take a look at the line-up below and then buy your tickets  for this one of a kind dream, fantasy style event. They also provide VIP tickets, payment plans (perfect option for those of us on a budget) and "magical bus voyages" meaning they can take you from selected towns (Bham is an option!) right to the festival so that means you won't be the one driving in Atlanta traffic. You can just sit back and relax.

Watch the intro video here!

Tomorrowworld Lineup (photo credit:
Fest: Secret Stages

Where: Birmingham, AL

When: July 30-Aug 2

Much like the title suggests, Secret Stages is essentially that. This event is perfect for those of you who like up and coming musicians and bands as well as diverse music. The event used to be pretty secretive, hence the name, in fact I didn't even know about until 2 years ago. Definitely more of an underground scene so you will be treated to names that might not be big...yet. I like this option because it showcases new talent from around the country as well as local artist and the price tag makes me super happy ($35 for a weekend pass. And $75 for a VIP pass). Get your tickets now and make this a Birmingham weekend event. Check out the lineup here as well as listen to some of the bands and artists playing that weekend. Get all additional info including hotels, schedules and venues at the official page.

photo credit: Secret
Fest: Lollapalooza

Where? Chicago, IL

When? July 31-Aug 3rd

Definitely one of the biggest festivals of the summer kicks off as summer as nearing an end. View the lineup below and then check the schedule (that lineup is intense, I mean Paul McCartney...yes). Tickets have gone fast for this one but there are still several options available for you to make it to the windy city next weekend! If you will be traveling and especially if you are with a group, I would recommend one of the travel packages which include VIP tickets and a hotel room, this option is for two and four people. Want more info? Just check here! I'm seriously so jealous if you are attending this one!

Lollapalooza Chicago 2015 Festival Poster
Lollapalooza Lineup (photo credit:
Fest: Ink-N-Iron Nashville

Where? Nashville, TN

When? August 6-9

Ok, I'll be the first to admit it, I'm not crazy about country music. But this festival looks legit. Nashville is one of my favorite cities (if you haven't been there before, you need to make a trip) and how can you not take this fest serious with the tagline "In the Land of Cash and Elvis"? Find out the entire schedule of where you need to be and when then pack up your cowboy boots and head over to one of the cities hotels currently offering discounts for festival goers. There will also be something called the Tattoo Hall and apparently some burlesque dancing. Ladies, you can break out that bustier for the Pin-Up Pageant (don't forget your red lipstick!). This festival looks like an absolute blast so get your tickets while you can!

Ink-N-Iron Nashville 2015 Festival Poster
Lineup (photo credit:

Fest: Music Midtown

Where? Atlanta, GA

When? September 18 and 19th

This was hands down my favorite music festival last year. Music Midtown just always seem to get headliner after headliner and I love the variety (this years acts feature Elton John, Drake, Hozier, Van Halen, and Hall and Oates among others) check out the full lineup and schedule now. I would also suggest buying your tickets now as well as booking your hotel. We stayed at one of the hotels within walking distance and it was a great decision. When the city gets crowded it can be easier to tackle this festival (as well as most other fests) on foot if you can. Find out what the best hotel for you is and be sure to book early! They will fill up. The more I look at this lineup, the more I want to try and at least attend one day (probably Friday) of this two-day event. Hopefully I'll see you there!

Lineup (photo credit: Music Midtown)

I just mentioned a FEW of my picks but there are plenty of options coming up in the next few weeks and it's never too early to start planning for next year. If you are in a music mood check out all the festivals (USA and beyond) you can attend! The next big question...what to wear?

Here are my top 5 festival fashion picks!

1. Backless Dress

This Free People dress is perfection (also comes in a beautiful blue and light peach) plus the tassels are on trend and on point for this summer. Also, the color is great for fall with grey boots. Pair with a bandeau for more support or coverage if needed.

Ayu Dress
Free People Ayu Dress

2. Flower Halo

I know they are becoming cliché and "basic" but I just feel the need to put on one of these sunny halos when it comes to being outdoors and listening to music. Sunflowers are classic flower child.

Festy Besty Sunny Halo


3.  Birkenstock Sandals

Your feet will hurt at a festival. Take it from a girl who wore wedge heels to her first one, go for the comfort factor. They don't get much more comfortable than these, yes Birkenstocks are back. But this time they are more stylish and come in a wide array of styles and colors. I like this simple black option that will go with just about anything.
Birkenstock Gizeh Thong Sandals - Flats -
Birkenstock Sandal
4. Hip Bag

I know what you are all thinking...she wants us to wear a fanny pack? Yes...and no. These are not the bags you remember your mom wearing at Disney World in the 90's, they actually have very fashionable ones now. You may not trust me on this one but believe me having your hands free and not having to worry about a purse is a Godsend at an all day outdoor event. I love this fringe option to keep up with boho inspired fashions! Check out all these great (and stylish) options.
Fringe Belt Bag in Nude
Hipsters for Sisters Fringe Belt Bag
5. High Waist Denim Shorts

I love a good denim short. These have practically been a go-to this summer and I have been living in them since I bought them way back in May. High waist shorts can be easier at a festival since you will most likely have to sit on the ground throughout the day and these are much easier than hip hugging or low rise options. Also, remember to bring a towel or blanket to sit on! Rain showers are common in the summer and the last thing you want is to sit in a muddy area or get dirt on your clothes in general. I suggest just bringing an old beach towel or if you really desire one of those fold up chairs (if you have the space).

Lovers+Friends Jack High Short
Happy Thursday! Hope you find the festival for you!


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