Monday, July 13, 2015

Passport to Wanderlust Event Recap

Hello everyone! While I am coming back from a lovely weekend (well, Saturday and half of Sunday) spent at Seaside, FL. It's always nice to get away even if it is just for the weekend. I'll have a whole blog post on my Seaside adventures (and lots of fashion picks/ootd's!). But,right now I want to recap a super fun Birmingham event that took place this past Thursday, the launch of the new magazine Good Grit. I attended the unveiling of the southern magazine via the event "Passport to Wanderlust" which was travel themed with a southern twist. Let's start the adventure!

Ok, one of my favorite sites in Bham are the rainbow filled tunnels (this particular tunnel is located on 20th Street North) and served as the perfect backdrop for the block party vibe. If you ever visit Birmingham (AL no,not England!) then definitely check out the brightly lit tunnels for a pic. If you live here and for some reason you haven't been...just go, like now. It's basically a Birmingham tradition!  I highly recommend going after a Birmingham Barons (local minor league baseball team) game. Back to the event! Upon arriving, I parked easily on 20th street. I would advise parking closely to the event location and avoid parking decks. It makes it easier and safer to walk back to your car at night. Obviously the first thing I noticed was the delicious spread that was set up.

The tickets were $25 a person and that got you into the event, two drink tokens, and access to the snacks. You could have easily made a meal from all the food available! I took pics of what I sampled, there was also gourmet pizza, tex-mex and a few other yummy offerings. My absolute favorite was the feta cheese from local The Pantry by Stone Hollow Farmstead. It was delicious!

I'm pretty picky (my downfall is sweets) give me a grilled cheese or chicken fingers any day but I do enjoy trying new things. I like easy snacks at events so you can talk and mingle plus it was H.O.T hot that night so I wasn't in the mood for anything heavy. Pimento cheese is always one of my top choices and who doesn't love those little butterfly crackers?

Ok, this one was a little sad. I totally thought these adorable macaroons we're going to be one of my favorite due to my chronic sweet tooth. It's blue and pink therefore it has to be blueberry and raspberry? Cotton candy? The possibilities! I took a bite and it wasn't sweet. Nnnnnooooo! Instead it tasted almost like blue cheese and cream cheese. Maybe fish? It was like a meal macaroon.  It's not that it was bad it just wasn't what I was expecting. If I see macaroons I think sweets by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Or at least the France pavilion at Epcot Center. Your choice.

The theme as stated before, was travel and wanderlust. Our ticket doubled as a "passport" which if you completed five tasks and got the correct amount of stamps then you got a free "swag bag". You also had to be one of the first 250 people to complete the task. Free stuff? 250 people? Game on. When there is a free t-shirt on the line, you walk with a purpose. The tasks were easy, it was things like getting your picture taken and the photo booth. My friend and I finished the passport challenge quickly (maybe even the first ones done?) like I said a free shirt was involved! 

"Swag Bag" after completing passport challenge
Rompers and passports go good together
The event was very well put together and made for a fun night out. It was extremely  hot but I mean it is summer in the south so that's to be expected. I love finding new things to do in Birmingham and there are always events happening. Be sure to check here to see what all is happening in the city! I'll be singling out more events, concerts, etc. coming up in future blog posts. And be sure to check out local events in your city/hometown, you don't want to miss out on new adventures, right? You never know what's right outside your own back yard (or yellow door!).

Happy Monday!


(outfit details below!)

P.S. Seriously obsessed with this comfy, grey t-shirt dress (it's like wearing PJ's but appropriate for public!) from The Happy Goose (almost sold out!) and these adorable mega tassel leather sandals

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