Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blogger Event and Consignment Tips

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday Funday! In case you might be getting an early case of "the Mondays" I have something that will cheer you up...a post all about finding designer treasures on a budget. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a Birmingham Bloggers event put on by the wonderful See Jane Write. The event was held at Collage Designer Consignment (yes, located in Alabama but you can also order online!) and I will say I was amazed at the quantity and quality of designer items for sale. The great thing about designer consignment stores is you get high-price, high-fashion clothes at half the price. I'll give you a recap of the event and give you a few tips about consignment shopping!

The event took place after 6 so that meant it was after hours. It was so much fun getting to browse around looking at cute clothes after a particularly long day. Jewelry can be a major find at any consignment boutique so definitely keep an eye out, you never know what you may find!
Of course I am going to mention the snacks. At blogger events, you just know the food is going to be completely photo-worthy (hello we are all bloggers so obviously we are taking pics) and this event had some of the best snacks! Just look at the set-up.

Strawberries, cookies, and little brownie bites? Heaven.

A little wine to go with the hor d'oeuvres. If you haven't joined your local blogging community...DO IT! You will meet so many new people and walk away with new friends. If you don't have a local community then I would highly suggest starting one. Then you get to have events, meet new blogger friends, and get delicious snacks. Win/win/win.

Collage was filled with name brands like Brighton. While looking for items, most of the time they will come with some certification that the product is authentic. You can normally tell by certain stitching, labels, etc. if it is the real deal, this is especially true with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. If the item doesn't have some type of evidence it is authentic, I would advise not purchasing the product. To me it is senseless to pay over $100 for something that may not be real. This is most common with handbags and jewelry. Shoes can be another big find at Consignment stores. I once scored a pair of light blue Manolo Blahnic heels for under $100. Yes, I have even seen Louboutins...they weren't my size!

I noticed giraffe inspired tunic which immediately caught my eye. The fabric was super soft and thought it would make the perfect fall transition piece. I was thinking of how to style it and if it would make a good fit for my closet. Then I got distracted by more jewelry.

Look at all the bangles! For accessories you may have to hunt a little more since clothes are all out in the open and more likely to catch your eye. Definitely go when you have time to look. Plan it like you would a place like H&M or Forever 21, lots of good items and different styles so you need time to sift!

Are these rain boots not adorable? I think I may go back and pick these up if they aren't already gone. That blush bag isn't too shabby either. If you see something you like, I encourage you to purchase it then. This isn't like a boutique or department store where they re-stock items, once it's gone, that's it. The good thing is the prices aren't too bad and most places have a return/exchange policy but make sure you know what the deal is before you purchase.

Just in case the guys are feeling left out, don't worry! Consignment shops carry men's items as well. Collage had a VERY nice assortment of men's apparel and snapped a few pics to showcase some of the products.

Designer jeans are another big find, I have seen brands like True Religion, 7even, Paige, and Joe's all at my favorite local places. I loved all the trendy set-ups in the store and staff was very helpful and friendly. They made it seem like a real "girl's night".
Oh and if you're wondering about that giraffe tunic, no need for concern. It found a new home with me! I think it will look great in the fall with tall boots and I styled it now for a summer bohemian look. My all time favorite purchase from a consignment shop is my purple David Yurman ring (pictured below). These large rings go for either close to or at $1,000. I got mine for $175. It was a little older and there was a little (I'm talking tiny) scratch on the inside of the band but it was an amazing find. I actually was there when the lady brought it into consign and bought it right after they put it on display moments later after they cleaned and checked it. Like I said, go consignment shopping! Also, thank you to the wonderful staff of Collage and Javacia from See Jane Write for putting together such an excellent event!
See how I styled the tunic and I've also listed my favorite places to find new, old treasures here in the Ham!
 Favorite Consignment Shops in Bham
Collage Designer Consignment (online shopping option)
Renaissance Consignment and Marketplace (online shopping option. Where I found my David Yurman ring.)
Second Hand Rose (one of my favorites for years! Two locations)
Zoe's in Forest Park (very cool store! Truly vintage clothing. Found an authentic, vintage Valentino coat for $90. Amazing finds!)
Happy Hunting!


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