Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Glow in the Night 5k Recap


Hello all! This past Saturday night I ran the Glow in the Night 5k, it was a themed race and looked like it would be a fun way to burn some calories before a sushi outing. Plus, I really need to start getting into the swing of racing again. I have two half-marathons in August and I haven't done over 13 miles since May. On that note, on to the race recap!

The race was held at a local baseball stadium (Hoover Met) and the start time was 8pm. This was the perfect location, spacious and lots of parking. The time was also ideal since it was so hot that day and even though it wasn't cool by any means it was still better than say, 9am. If I'm being truthful I thought this was going to be one of those races where the participants ran with glow sticks. It wasn't. Instead it was neon colored powder that would be thrown at designated "stops". I have done The Color Run (read my recap here) and although I'm all about fun running, I am not really into this powder/paint craze but I was doing the race with friends and I needed the training miles. I also really wanted a slice of cookie cake (Peachtree Road Race flashbacks).

Here's a shot of the neon powder. The race directors and volunteers were giving away little containers of it pre-race so you could toss it on you before the race even started. They also wanted people to line up before the start line so everyone could toss their powder in the air to kick start the race. Cute idea in theory, but it was similar to a huge mound of dust exploding. I think I overheard it's just colored corn starch but I don't really like the idea of breathing anything like that into my body. It was pretty though and everyone looked really festive and neon-y as the sun began to set.

One thing I noticed was how small the race was. After experiencing larger races, it's interesting to partake in smaller ones. Not that it is a bad thing. Much easier to get parked and registered, more laid back and if you are speedy you have a better chance of placing in your age group. The event staff was friendly and helpful and I always appreciate it when a race starts on time. We got started right at 8pm!

The race began and as we picked up the pace, I soon realized that I have not been training like I should be. The thing about running is that it takes time to build up stamina and endurance but it can be easily lost in what feels like two weeks. Keep up your training! There seemed to be a lot of new runners and first timers at the race which is always exciting to see. Talking during a race is hard at times (especially when it's humid and I feel like I'm out of breath) but it sure makes the time and miles fly by. The course was fine, nothing too special, like 3 loops around the stadium/parking lot. The "color stations" were located three times along the course, the volunteers were very energetic at these spots and kept spirits high. Like I said, I didn't really want a lot of the powder on me so I kind of moved towards the middle in between people to miss out on too much neon.

Pretty soon we were at the finish, I think we finished around 33-35 minutes, I don't really know since there wasn't a clock at the end but this is what my watch indicated. I was sweaty and glad to be done but happy I had participated. Would I do it again? I'm not sure.

Themed races can be a blast but they are pricey. I registered for this race at the event and it was $50. That got you a t-shirt, a "swag bag" and some neon powder. Summer races are scarce in the South so this was one of the only choices available in July. It wasn't bad by any means! I'm just not sure it was worth $50. I probably should have registered earlier when the price was $35 which was about what the price should have been. For a lower price, I would for sure do the race again. I think I'm good on the whole color powder race thing for a while. Next time I definitely want to try a Hot Chocolate 15k/5k or the Firefly 5k!
One last thing, I was pretty much the only one "dressed up" per usual and I got so many compliments on my Sparkle Athletic skirt! My favorite comment of the night (maybe of all time) is when a girl told her friend and I quote "oh my God Becky look at her skirt". Yes, just like the beginning of a Sir-Mix-A-Lot song. It was amazing. I also recommend wearing a simple, cheap fanny pack. I got this one on Amazon like a year ago to wear during themed races so you don't mess up your actual running belt. That way you can keep car keys, gels (if you need them), medications, and your phone in one easy spot.
I am definitely stepping up my training and planning my fall race schedule. Help me find some new races. If you have one you absolutely love let me know! I'll share my picks in an upcoming post.
Happy Running!

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