Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Instagift and Buying Local for the Holidays

Happy Tuesday! I am shock it is December 1st, I mean where did this year even go? By now we have already started our Christmas shopping and one thing I would love to make a point of doing this year is buying local. Coming from Birmingham, AL we have so many new restaurants, breweries, boutiques, everything you can think of that is unique to this city. I love it!

Ok, I shop at department stores like Nordstrom, Belk, Macy's, etc. and some chain restaurants are my favorites, let's face it who doesn't love P.F. Changs? But as more and more local options become available, I prefer those so much more than the clothing, food, drinks, whatever you can get anywhere. Local businesses are thriving but still take a ton of effort (believe me I know) and it's really crucial that people choose local so they can keep growing!

That's why for the holidays, I love the idea of Instagift. They are electronic gift cards that are all local options. Check out the Birmingham gift cards here! Some of my favorites include The Heavenly Donut Co (y'all know how I am about donuts), La Paz (please eat the cheese queso for me), The Track Shack (my favorite local running store), The J. Clyde (my friends and I love this local restaurant/bar) and if you want a really special treat definitely go to the award-winning Hot and Hot Fish Club (the chef is amazing and the food is some of the best in town). Hey, this is partly a fashion blog so I can't forget about my favorite local boutiques in Crestline Village and Elle! Oh and there are a few Cyber Monday sales that are still going on today right here for these cards :)

Even if you don't live in Bham check out the local options near you and Instagift that might be near! Seriously BUY LOCAL this season, I love visiting unique and special restaurants, shops, and everything when I travel as well as choosing my favorites here in my own hometown. Get out there and see what's happening in your town!

Happy December 1st (go ahead and get those decorations up)!


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