Monday, December 28, 2015

Diagon Alley: A Guide for Muggles

Hello everyone! I visited the beautiful and fun  Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando. I am amazed at this area of the classic theme park. It honestly looks like you stepped into the movie set or the pages of the world of Harry Potter. Even if you don't know anything about the famed franchise of the Wizzarding World, you will still enjoy Diagon Alley.
Butterbeer, Escape from Gringotts, and wands (yes, the have wands that actually "work" around the park) are just a few things waiting in this enchanted area. First, you start out in the streets of modern England then you enter Diagon Alley, where the main ride, Escape from Gringotts resides. Plus, the creepier, Knockturn Alley (Singing heads! Spiders! Shadows!).  Oh and keep an eye on that Dragon that is on top of Gringott's Bank...he gets a little "fiery".
I would highly recommend staying at one of the onsite hotels, the Cabana Bay Beach Resort is great if you are on a budget! By staying onsite you get in an extra hour before the park officially opens and everything is a walk, bus ride or boat trip away from the theme parks which is super convenient.
Check out my journey through Diagon Alley through pictures! Then book a magical trip for yourself. And don't forget the frozen Butterbeer.

Happy Travels!


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