Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys

Hello on this happy hump day! This week is flying by and I can't believe we are only a couple of weeks away from Christmas. I have been so busy with class, writing and work that this holiday season has kind of snuck up on me and I'm sure many of you are the same way. Don't worry if there's someone who can get ready to shop and have gifts ready, it's me!

Today's gift guide is for the special guys in your life whether it be a boyfriend, dad, husband, brother, friend, or whoever I have some special picks ready for your selection!

1. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity and Heart Tracker- The Fitbit is not only eye-opening to see how much (or in some cases how little) you walk during the day. Great gift for a health nut or if your guy is looking to get in shape. You will be surprised how much you will try to get in all your steps after you have set them. Bonus: wear it to see how many miles you walk at a park, on a hike, nature preserve, or theme park (we walked 13 miles at Universal Orlando in a single day!). ($149.95)

2. Hoverboard- It's like the gadget from Back to the Future became a real thing! It might be described as more of a hands free scooter but Hoverboard just sounds more legit. This is great for your son, nephew, cousin or maybe even your boyfriend (or husband) let's face it, we all want one. ($349.99)

3. College Football Championship Tickets- Tickets to the second annual College Football Championship Final (as well as the two semi-final games) will be a hot commodity for college football fans this year. This is guaranteed to be a good game whether your team is playing or not! Definitely a good pick if you live in or around Glendale, AZ or just want to attend a large sporting event. If you want to see your team play be sure to check out all the Bowl Games to see what tickets you can find for you and your guy! (Prices depend on seating)

4. The North Face PrimaLoft Thermaball Full Zip Jacket- When it gets cold out this jacket is sure to keep someone warm. While it is quilted and puffy it is also very light, so it doesn't feel bulky or heavy on the body. Perfect for any guy in your family plus right now it's 30% off! ($138.90)

5. Netflix Gift Card- Yes, we have heard about "Netflix and Chill" all year but this is for the guy who genuinely loves movies and TV. Winter is the perfect time to binge on TV shows, movies you may have missed this summer and awards season favorites. If you would rather go out to the movies, I highly suggest a gift card to your favorite theater in town! (Gift card based on selected value)

6. City Map Glass- A unique and creative glass showing off your own or a favorite city! Pair with your guy's favorite drink and you have a two-for-one gift that is ready to go. There are tons of cities available and the price is great too. ($12.50)

7. Favorite Team Shirt- If your guy has a favorite team then go find a jersey, sweatshirt or tee that will get him ready to make every day feel like game day! For NBA go here, NFL here, MLB here and NHL here. (Prices vary)

8. Ballpark Blueprints- These are beautiful and cool even if you aren't into baseball. If someone on your gift list then the will love these blue prints of some of the most famous baseball parks in the country including Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium. ($185.00)

9. NFL Game Tickets- Maybe I'm just really excited to be going to my first NFL game in a few weeks but I think this would make an awesome present. If you have a local team make the trip to see them or if you live in an area with no NFL team but have one y'all cheer for then make a weekend trip. There are so many teams that you can most likely find one within driving distance! Nashville to see the Tennessee Titans? Atlanta to watch the Falcons? Denver to watch the Broncos? Charlotte to cheer on the Panthers? Those are just a few exciting road trips you could take. Great idea for couples, families and friends to take on the weekend and game together! (Prices vary)

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that you find the special guys in your life the perfect Christmas presents! Look out for another gift guide coming tomorrow as we movie forward to the jolliest holiday around! (Sorry, I've been watching too many Christmas movies.)

Happy Shopping!


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