Monday, December 21, 2015

Bestie Boxes and Man Baskets

My office area really does look like Santa's workshop at the moment! Can't believe we are so close to Christmas! Who is an 11th hour shopper? I totally am but don't sweat it, we still have time for the perfect gift. This year I am making super fun, cute and yes, some are "manly", baskets and boxes for friends, family and co-workers. They are unique, affordable and so much more personable than something like a gift card. I'll show you a few I have created and give you some ideas!

For the "bestie boxes", these are for my female friends and a really sweet way to give a one of a kind gift to thank them for always being there. Here is an example of a few items that can be included.  For one box, I stuck with a pink palette and ultra girly. All of this came from either Target or Paper Source. I also really like Swoozies for these boxes. A tip though, Paper Source and Swoozies have really fun things but can be a bit pricy so stick to smaller items like the unicorn gum and get your bigger items like the Tinkerbell notebook and the Frozen ornament at places like Target (both are under $10).

For the guys, I decided to do "man baskets and boxes", this all became about over a discussion whether or not a gift basket could be manly or not. I took this as a challenge and I think I was pretty successful! Give a few "big" items that are budget friendly such as a local beer and $10 gift card to a food place then add other items like Pringles, tools, ear buds, car wipes, etc. that you can find at places like Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar General and so on.

These were some of the finished "man baskets" I made for the guys at the station and they LOVED them! They are some of my favorite people so I was happy that they enjoyed them. You know it's a hit when the baskets start getting opened and food is involved!

This is a box I created for one of my best friends from college, choose interest or a theme for the box. Most of the items have a symbolic meaning from our friendship and others are just fun. This mug was a steal at Anthropologie, under $10! It makes it more personal to add fun touches and things that can jump start a memory. 

I got the boxes at my go-to store, so obviously it was Target. I also tied a ribbon around to keep the box in tact and to keep it festive!

This is one of the boxes I made for one of   
my coworkers, I work with all guys so food is always a good bet. I also know each of their interests and tried to incorporate that into the boxes.  

My second round of boxes are ready to go and I can't wait to hear what each person thinks of theirs! This has been really fun to do for the holidays and I can't believe how easy it was. It is particularly a good option if you are on a budget, you can make a really great box for under $20 or $30 and if you want to spend more or less it's all up to you. I'm going to feel like the jolliest little elf tomorrow delivering these and yes, a tacky sweater might be involved. 

Happy Almost Holidays!


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