Monday, January 18, 2016

Styling Graphic Tees


NFL Tee// Junk Food Clothing  Black Faux Fur Vest// Topshop (on sale!)  Over the Knee Boots// Steve Madden 

Hello all! I know I haven't been blogging as much but these last two weeks have been so hectic. With class, work, and traveling the past two weekends, I feel like I haven't had a free moment. Not to worry (not that anyone was) but I'm back with tons of new posts this week! Today's post focuses on one of my favorite items, graphic tees!

Ok, we all remember back in the day at the height of Abercrombie and Fitch, the graphic tees paired with those super short tiered skirts and a denim jacket, you remember? We all remember. Then the graphic tee seemed to fade away as quickly as Paris Hilton's fame (we all wanted to go to Kitson in Cali, don't lie!), but the trend starting coming back as recently as last year. The tees now are super soft, vintage inspired and a look anyone can pull off!

One of my classic looks I love wearing is a graphic tee, leather jacket and leggings and/or skirt. So simple yet can look so stylish and put together. I like to make sure my tees are a little looser and longer especially if I am wearing leggings which is why I normally prefer sleeveless or short sleeved tees. If it has long sleeves, I normally nix the jacket, the look can feel a little bulky at that point. That is if you are wearing the jacket the whole time, if not, wear whatever jacket you want!

For today's look, in honor of my Carolina Panthers getting that W yesterday against the Seahawks, I had to pull out this vintage inspired tee. I absolutely love Junk Food Clothing tees, they can be a little pricy so I try to get them during sales. I also really like Chaser Brand and Wildfox Couture. However, you can find really cool tees at Target, Forever 21 (I have so many good ones from here!) and don't forget your local thrift store plus sites like eBay and Etsy. Anyways, I paired my Carolina tee with a black long sleeved tee underneath since it was so cool out then added my favorite faux fur vest (which is on sale!), leggings and knee high boots. Good to go for any victory Monday!

This look is super flattering, easy to create and can be styled up or down, I'm all about options! Get a few tees at places like Forever 21 and see how many times you wear them. Running late? Throw on a tee, striped mini and leather jacket. Swipe on some red lipstick and get out the door! Rock chic, fun athletic or even girly, so many ways to style graphic tees! Now go dig out your super vintage Nsync tee. You know you want to!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy to be back blogging!


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