Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Favorite Looks from the Golden Globes 2016

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been blogging quite as much but I have just been so busy with classes, work and just life in general. I will tell you I'm back in the after holiday groove and have tons of new posts coming up! Let's first take a look at my favorite look from the 2016 Golden Globes.

I love movies and awards season is the Super Bowl of films, right? Celebs are always dressed to impress and some are fab and some if've seen some past looks (hello Bjork). Here are my top choices for best dressed at this year's Golden Globes.

1. Jennifer Lopez
First off, J. Lo is ageless. How is this possible? This woman is close to 50 and she looks almost the same as she did years ago when she was playing a wedding planner in movies and dating P.Diddy. She is by far one of my favorites and always comes dressed to impress. This mustard yellow dress was one of the first looks I saw and knew it would be hard to beat. Love the cape to really give this dress the dramatic edge!
Love the look? Try something like this or this!
2. Jada Pinkett Smith
When you are on the arm of Will Smith, you sometimes need to show off a bit more to get attention. Jada definitely stole the show! She is another actress who is always one to watch on the red carpet and I love that she is not afraid to take risks. This jewel toned emerald gown was stunning! The color is so deep and rich, you have to have confidence to rock this and it fits Jada perfectly. So elegant and classic but with a twist (love the belt and flowy draping) that makes this look one of the best!
Love the look? Try this or this!
3. Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer might be favorite actress at the moment. She embraces the strong confident female role in movies like The Hunger Games, Winter's Bone, and the role she was most likely be nominated for this year, Joy. Her red dress was simple, chic, and with the deep red hue, you don't need much to add. A modern look mixed with old Hollywood glamour!
Love the look? Try this and this!
4. Tajari P. Henson
Tajari has the attitude to pull of her iconic role as "Cookie" so you know she can bring it on the red carpet. I love white dresses, I think they are just beautiful. So fresh, flowy and iridescent that this dress pulls your attention. Lots of people think white can be unflattering, I find it to be the opposite. I also love how breezy this whole look is, her make-up and hair fit this almost boho-style perfectly!
Love the look? Try this or this!
5. Zendaya
I remember seeing Zendaya on Disney Channel year ago and knew she would be a scene stealer. Her dramatic burgundy gown was elegant and fit for a princess. I love the detailing, the neckline and tiers that make Zendaya look like a fashion icon at only 19. This might have been my favorite look of the night!
Love the look? Try this or this!
6. Lady Gaga
Even though Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't too fond of Mama Monster, her dress and look were old school Marilyn Monroe and did you notice, she even covered up all her tattoos? Gaga was pure elegance, she looked like she stepped off the red carpet during Hollywood's golden age. I for one, love velvet dresses and the simplicity of the gown is what makes it even more beautiful. Meat dress this isn't.
Love the look? Try this or this!
7. Taylor Schilling
Who says that a suit can't be feminine? I wouldn't wear a suit to an awards show...unless it was blinged out and extra sparkly. Well, that's just what Taylor decided to wear! The look avoids being too masculine by the sheer fact of the deep V-neck and sparkling black hue. This was such a different look on the red carpet that it was instantly noticed. Props to Taylor for stepping out of the box!
Love the look? Try this!
8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie is a former model so it is probably in her DNA that she will forever have fabulous taste in couture. She already looked golden before the show even started. This beautiful gold gown is simple yet manages to have just enough details to make the dress stand out. The dropped waist design with the perfect amount of shimmer puts this dress on the list. I also love the hair style of loose waves and neutral make-up to really let this dress shine on it's on!
Love the look? Try this or this!
Hope you enjoyed my top picks as well as a few more casual alternatives to these looks that you can re-create on your own! Tons of new posts coming up so stay tuned!


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