Monday, January 4, 2016

Lilly After Party Sale Tips

Hey babes! I just wanted to remind everyone the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts this morning (Monday, January 4th) at 8:00am et. Here a few tips!

1. Set an Alarm for 7:50am

I will be at work but for those not already or maybe have the day off, set your alarm for 7:50am. Take into account that the sale starts at eastern time so plan accordingly!

2. Have Your Account Ready Before You Enter the Sale

If you already have one, make sure you know the password and have the correct email down. If you do not have the account, create one here!

3. Download the Lilly Pulitzer App

This is how I gained access so easily during the last sale, just go to your app store and search "Lilly Pulitzer" and you will see the app!

4. Buy Your Must-Haves First

I like to get the items I definitely want in my first order. I usually get my top three and go ahead and check out then I can go back to the sale and browse to see what else I want to add to my closet. The reason for this is you don't go overboard buying and this is important, even if you have something in your basket it is still up for grabs. Until you purchase the items they can still be bought by other people.

5. Have Fun!

This is a big sale, it only happens twice a year (the other is in August) so yes, everyone gets hyped over it. Don't stress over it, it's just clothing! As soon as you are placed in the virtual queue once you enter the site, think about the things you need in your closet or maybe something you have been eyeing for a while. Lilly is all about living colorful and having fun!

The sale ends tonight Monday, January 4th 2016 at 11:59pm.

Good luck out there!

Happy Lilly After Party Sale Day!  

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