Monday, August 24, 2015

Waves and Styles: Hair 101

Happy Monday, babes! Hope everyone had the most fantastic of weekends filled with excitement! Or relaxation. Whatever yours was, I hope it was a good one. I have had several requests and questions regarding how I style my hair. So, today's post is all about the hair. Hair is one of those particular features that most females are sensitive and protective over. It is normally one of the first things you notice and everyone has their own individual style.
Regarding myself, I have very long, very thick Mediterranean (thanks Dad) hair. Although it can sometimes be a pain, I love my hair. This was not always the case. When I was younger, I absolutely hated it. A trip to get my hair trimmed was cause for panic and yes, there was crying. Due to the nature of my hair, it was often filled with tangles and having a tender head, it was torture washing and drying my lion's mane. My youth was often filled with self-consciousness. Being half-Greek along with thick hair, I also had very oily (read: acne prone) skin. I wanted nothing more than to have beautiful straight blonde hair and clear skin to look like all the other girls in school.
When I was a pre-teen, I made the super wise decision to cut my hair (which was about waist length) almost all of it off. An afternoon showing of You've Got Mail gave me the idea to get my hair cut like Meg Ryan. I did not look like Meg Ryan. I actually kept the short hair for a couple of years and it wasn't until later (I guess I looked at pictures?) I realized a pixie cut was not flattering on me. It took time to grow my hair out and even when I desired to cut it (I badly wanted Jennifer Aniston's bob circa 2001), I held strong. In high school, my hair was pretty much grown out and I straightened it every morning. Remember the pin-straight look? Again, not flattering on myself. My mom bought me some fun hair products for my birthday and included a set of hot rollers. I thought hot rollers were for old ladies...they are not! From that day, hot rollers have been my number one beauty and hair product that is my go-to, must-have.

Voluminous waves are my signature style and it always makes me happy to get compliments. This look is SO EASY to recreate. It literally takes 10-15 min and here's all the steps you need to know:
1. Plug in your Hot Rollers. These Remington rollers are my absolute favorite. The heat from both sides (including the clip) ensures every part of your hair will have a curl/wave.
T|Studio Pink Silk Setter
 2. Take small pieces of hair and roll into individual roller. Depending on how you want the style to look, you can create looser waves by not rolling the hair entirely up to the crown of the head. For a more full look, roll hair right up to the crown. I like to start from the front and work back when setting rollers.
3. Once all of hair is rolled, apply make-up. Make-up application can be done while waiting for your waves and curls to set. TIP: if you have bangs do not keep rollers in for more than a minute or two. You will look like a kewpie doll if kept in longer.
4. Leave rollers in hair for 10-15 minutes regardless if applying make-up or not. Seriously, that's all you need is 10 minutes!
5. Take out rollers and brush out depending on style/look you are going for. If it looks super big and think it looks a little much, just brush curls out until you get desired look. The more you brush, the less curls you will have. TIP: if you want less curls and more waves, just brush out curls to create waves. However, if you brush too much all curls will eventually fade.
6. Set style with hairspray if you like and you are DONE!
See, just 6 easy steps! I will eventually do a video tutorial on this style and others but though I would share a few tips tonight. Also, if you live in a super humid area like me, I advise putting hair in a low bun or hair clasp till you get to work,school, etc. After you arrive, take hair down and the style is still preserved.
You might be wondering what is the best hair style for you. Luckily, this look works on almost all face shapes and can be very flattering. Don't know you face shape? Take a peek below.
Ask for: long layers, asymmetrical, side swept bangs, loose waves. Careful when it comes to heavy bangs and super short hair styles.
Kate Upton Loose Waves

Kelly Clarkson Asymmetrical Cut

(Photo Credit:

Emma Stone Long Layers, Side Swept Bangs

(Photo Credit:
Can pull off almost any hairstyle (lucky!) Try center parts, pixie cuts, side swooped bangs and sleek blowouts.
Halle Berry Pixie Cut

(Photo Credit:
Heidi Klum Center Part

Carrie Underwood Swooped Bangs

Ask for bangs, experiment with bobs, asymmetrical, straight and waves. Be careful with super long hairstyles.
Sandra Bullock Bangs


Nicole Richie Asymmetrical

Rosie Huntington-Wheatley Loose Waves


Side swept bangs, longer hairstyles, asymmetrical bobs blunt bangs, and pixie cuts are excellent for heart shaped faces. Avoid hairstyles that are super long and just hang with no volume.

Reese Witherspoon Side Fringe


Jessica Alba Medium Bob

Taylor Swift Blunt Bangs

(Photo Credit: beautiful

Go find a new style or update your current one! Most of all pick a style YOU want. You are the one who has to style it and live with it each day so pick one that you personally love. Let your hair be an expression of who you are and no face shape or suggestions can take that away from you. As long as you love it, that is all that matters!

Live in Birmingham, AL and want to create a new look? Fix a bad dye job? New to town and need a stylist? Or maybe you just need a change. I highly recommend dL Salon (ask for Leslie or Debbie) believe me you won't be disappointed!

Happy Styling!



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