Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Movie See It or Skip It June Edition

I have gotten really behind on movie reviews so I figured I would just post a few quick recaps (also check out some of my best cinema inspired fashions for a night out at the movies!) of all the films I've seen since my last review (it's ALOT) so enjoy!

Poltergeist: They're here! Remake of the classic 80's horror film about a family who moves to a new home and don't exactly get the house warming they were expecting. Sam Rockwell stars as the dad who has lost his job and making the family downsize to a new location. Of course no one believes the children when they tell their parents there are things that go bump in the night. That is until the youngest daughter gets taken by some spirits that aren't too happy to have a house built on their burial ground. The family must bond together with the help of some paranormal scientists to get their little girl back. 

Basically an exact replica of the 1982 film, it offers some updated thrills and chills (that clown!).

See It or Skip It? If you are a horror film buff it's definitely worth a look. If you aren't, this is probably a skip it in theaters but check it out on DVD, Netflix, Cable situation. Or just watch the original film for a fun scare.

Check out the spooky trailer here!


Tomorrowland: The future is here and a lot closer than you think. You know the famous land at the Disney parks? Well, it turns out that is an actual reality and its up to George Clooney and newcomer Britt Robinson to take you there. Shout out to Hugh Laurie who nails his villain role and the special effects are amazing.


See It or Skip It: See it! A great summer film for adults and kids. Disney fans will definitely spot out things from the park that match the story. A cool movie that isn't a sequel or rely on superheroes to tell an original idea. Sometimes the film get a little muddled down but the pacing picks up at the right and doesn't look back. Plus, can you really go wrong with casting George Clooney? The answer is no.

Check out the future here!

Entourage:The hit HBO series finally comes to the big screen. The gang Vinnie (Adrian Greenier) Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) Drama (Kevin Dillon) and super agent Ari (Jeremy Piven) are all here and making a film which Vinnie is not only starring in but directing. Things get a little complicated when the film goes majorly over budget and the studio wants answers. Enter Billy Bob Thorton's Texan character who is financing the film and explains to Ari he isn't spending another dime till he sees the film. Ari heads back to LA with the exec's son (played by an unrecognizable Haley Joel Osment...yes that Haley Joel Osment) to get the film finished. Of course this is a movie so nothing ever goes according to plan.
See It or Skip It: See it! This film was hilarious and if you have any interest in the entertainment industry you will enjoy it! Also, the wide array of celebrity cameos is an added bonus to the fun vibe of the movie (oh hey Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Pharrell, and Rhonda Rousey just to name a few. There are tons!). The characters based off actor Mark Wahlberg and his own entourage even show up.

Preview the film now!
Jurassic World: Some 20 years or so after the original first took a bite out of the box office and some say created the rise of the summer blockbuster, the dinosaurs are back and the park is open. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard star in this summer adventure about the famed dinosaur theme park. Just so you know, there are lots of...teeth.

See It or Skip It? See this movie!! It is by far my favorite film of the summer (so far) it plays homage to the original film (and seems to forget all about those less than stellar sequels) and it's interesting to see the park as an actual reality. Chris Pratt and his raptor gang pretty much steal the show but Bryce Dallas Howard and the kid actors do great too. Everything you want in a summer movie in one film!

Take a peek at the film here!

Insidious Chapter 3: The third installment of the horror series which stars Dermont Mulroney and former Disney channel star Stefanie Scott is a prequel to the original film. The storyline mainly focuses on a teenage girl (Stefanie Scott) who has a difficult time dealing with her mother's death and tries to reach her on the other side. Of course all the dead turn out to be listening and she gets a visit from a spirit...and it's definitely not her mom.

See It or Skip It? If you enjoy scary movies this is a must-see!  If you don't, I would stay away. The Insidious series is scary and this is coming from someone who rarely ever get scared during movies. The trilogy reminds me of older horror films before they all gave way to slasher fueled Jigsaw/Freddy Krueger/Jason/Chucky style films. They are legit creepy and this one is no exception and the ending...if you like the first movie of the series definitely check out this prequel!

Take a look (just don't get too scared!) now!

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