Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Registering (and why you should!) for Disney's Princess Half Marathon

You mean you've never run in Minnie Mouse ears? Believe me you need to try it. In fact the best place for this fashion statement is at the Walt Disney World resort. Oh and don't worry all that comes between you and a beautiful finisher's medal like these is 13.1 magical miles. You may think that you haven't been running that long or maybe you have never even run one mile but let me tell you that YOU can do this. Believe me. If I can do it you can too!

I first signed up for the Princess Half Marathon way back in September of 2011, see that was during the time when runDisney races didn't sell out in an hour and you could register well after registration had opened. That time has passed but my love for this race has not. I had only run a few 5k's but when I heard you could run through the Disney parks, I was sold! With some training, I was ecstatic to complete my first ever runDisney race and my second half-marathon ever.

This race is my ALL time favorite! The theme, the course, and the bling are the best in my opinion I'm super girly but guys love this race too! Odds in their favor I guess :) There's just something magical about running down main street and seeing the castle in the early morning hour plus the crowd support is amazing! Here are a few tips to get you ready and convince you to do this race!


This is key obviously if you aren't registered then you can't run. Registration officially opens on JULY 14, 2015 at noon eastern time. Now listen up if you are a DISNEY ANNUAL PASSHOLDER you can REGISTER TODAY 6/30/15 at NOON ET. Go to your My Disney account and register for the race (or races) here . If you are a passholder take advantage of this opportunity! For those of you who are registering on the 14th, already have your credit card ready, go to the runDisney site around 11:58-59am and start trying to register, sometimes it opens a little before noon. Yes you can do this in your smart phone! I have done it many times and it works just as well as doing it on an actual computer. This is good to know if you have class, work, a meeting, etc.. just whip out your phone and get registered! Have speedy fingers, race popularity changes from year to year but this race seems to steadily stay in the more popular category and will most likely sell out quickly.

Tip 2: Know What Race You Are Registering For

You got into the system! Yay! But now you don't know what race you want. Decide early what race or races you plan on doing. The choices are the Disney Princess 5k (3.1 miles), Enchanted 10k (6.2 miles), Princess Half (13.1 miles) and the Glass Slipper Challenge (10k Sat and Half Sun for a combined total of 19.3 miles for the weekend). I have done the Glass Slipper for the past two years since the beginning of its existence in 2014. If I travel for a race I like to get my maximum running time in and also the extra bling doesn't hurt (three medals!). If you want to do the Glass Slipper Challenge and obtain the third medal YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THE CHALLENGE. Signing up for the 10k and half separately will NOT get you the Glass Slipper medal.

Tip 3: Choosing a Proper Training Plan

You registered! Now the fun begins...j/k training is boring but you need to do it. I suggest following one of Jeff Galloway's training plans, I have been running for a few years now and I still follow these. If you don't think you can dedicate training for a half marathon stick with the 5k or 10k (ANY race is an amazing feat and accomplishment!) or do both and have your own challenge! Definitely do not sign up for the Half or Glass Slipper Challenge and not train. First off, it's expensive (you want to finish and get your medals, right?) and second, you don't want to hurt yourself. Running is amazing and this race is a blast but it's also hard work. Train properly and you will be ready for the finish line. We don't want any princesses (or princes) getting escorted off the course due to pain!

Tip 4: Picking a Costume 

Obviously the most important part of the whole race weekend, choosing which classic character you want to run as! You may feel silly but at runDisney races you almost stick out if you aren't dressed up. Start looking up ideas on Pinterest, your favorite movies or any other inspirations you may have! I will be doing some more costume tutorials as races get closer so don't worry I'll have you covered. Be sure to check out my favorite running store and brand, Sparkle Athletic for all your race costume needs!

Tip 5: Have FUN!

I think this race is a great motivator if you want a goal race or something that you want to mark off your bucket list. I'm not lying when I say if I can do this so can you. Stick to a training plan, grab a few friends to join you and register for this race! Make it a mini-trip with your family, the ultimate girls weekend or maybe you just need a solo weekend without your significant other, kids, life, etc. to reach your goal (and maybe a spa day!). I can't say enough positives about this race but if you still aren't sure check out this princess preview to let you see for yourself what you'll be in for if you sign up. I can't wait to see all of you out on the course! While you wait to register or just too excited for February 19-21st 2016 watch this rap battle featuring "Cinderella" and  "Belle". Personally, I think Cindy wins it.

**If you would like to run for charity look here under "runDisney Charity Group Programs" for more information. This is a great way to give back and also an excellent alternative if races appear to be sold out**

Get all race details including pricing, dates, other races, etc. at the Official runDisney Website.

Are YOU registering today? In July? Let me know if you have any questions regarding runDisney, running, or anything you need to know and I'll try my best to answer for you!

Happy Running!


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