Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Skincare and Beauty Essentials

Happy Tuesday!
Hope everyone is surviving the heat, my a/c keeps going out so it's like my own personal sauna at home haha! In these summer months, skin care (especially those with oily skin like mine) is crucial and make-up is often involved in many of your daily routines, I personally love a strong lip color that can brighten anyone's look! Here are a few of my favorites for summer that will keep you looking fresh all season.
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Wash //  Ok, if you have oily skin this is a secret weapon! I have used this wash since my senior year of high school and now into my grad school years. My skin has a (big) tendency to break out and this keeps a lot of my acne at bay and if you are currently breaking out, give this a try! It may be too harsh on those who don't have acne and/or oily skin so if that's you, only use 2-3 times a week. It always makes my skin feel fresh and gives the prettiest glow after use.
Clinique Pep Start Sampler Set //  I have always really liked Clinique's brand of make-up and skin care, it is often the first "designer" brand we are introduced to (hello 12th birthday makeover parties!) and sometimes gets overlooked. Their skin care has been a staple of mine since I first started wearing make-up, my mom gave me a set in my teens and told me how important skin is and to start taking care of it early. As always, mom was right!
Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream //  This eye cream might be on the newer side but it has already found its way into my bag of must-haves! It reduces wrinkles and de-puffs around the eyes, for an extra spark put the tube in your refrigerator to have a real pop once you apply.
Clarisonic //  I love, love, love my Clarisonic! It is the perfect high-tech cleanser, it's like a spa day, everyday, but without the spa prices. There are various options as well as different brush heads for everything from anti-aging to acne to wrinkle reverse. Also, you can use lots of your everyday washes on the Clarisonic so you aren't bound to just their products!
Earth Science Herbal Tonic Mist //  You still need to moisturize in the summer but with it being so hot, heavy creams tend to weigh down and cause greasy skin and breakouts. A mist is something that is much more lightweight and still provides you with the essentials ingredients to give your face what it needs!
Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Skin Lotion //  The most important skin rule of all, especially in the summer...wear sunscreen! This is crucial, some sun is great for your skin, even recommended but laying out for hours and getting burned is the biggest beauty no-no of all. It will cause early signs of aging including wrinkles and crows feet and the most concerning? Skin cancer. It is no joke, wear your sunscreen!
EOS Passion Fruit Moisturizing Lip Balm //  These little lip balms are budget friendly and come in the yummiest flavors! I always start my lip color with this balm as a base!
Revlon Lacquer Balm //  Dramatic lips have always been my favorite beauty trend and these are the best lip colors HANDS DOWN! I have been trying out lipsticks and glosses for years and none of them really compare to these and I always get compliments whenever I'm wearing one of the bright colors. My favorites are Provocateur, Flirtatious, and Vivacious!
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion //  Another must-have for summer? Primer! Shadows can disappear on lids faster than ice cream melting so primer, especially this one by Urban Decay makes sure you stay flawless all day and night. How strong is it? I used to coat this potion on my eyes in the southern days of summer for outdoor cheerleading camp as well as beauty pageants under bright lights and Sorority recruitment in the prime of August. My shadow never even budged!
Urban Decay Eye Shadows // Speaking of eyes, I have been a fan of these sparkly shadows with interesting names for years. The touch of sparkle adds just the right amount to make any look pop, I especially love Midnight Cowboy, Midnight Cowgirl, Toasted, Smog and Sin.
bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel //  I love a good tinted moisturizer in the summer, it has coverage but still feels lightweight and not heavy on your face. If you do get acne like I do, the worst thing you can do is pile on foundations and powders, it will just clog your pores more and powder will cake on and make acne more visible. A lightweight foundation like this is perfect! If you desire more coverage, I also recommend this foundation!
Benefit Erase Paste Brightening Concealer // This brand has the cutest packaging and best products around. If you have to wake up super early like me, their under eye concealer is a miracle worker! Soft, creamy and complete coverage, you can't go wrong!
Nars Blushes //  The brand known for it's umm, rather intense names have become a cult classic and their blushes are a staple of many make-up artists and Hollywood elites. Can you honestly say you have never heard of their famed blush, Orgasm? The pinky-peach blush with a hint of sparkle literally looks flattering on EVERYONE, seriously, it is a must-have beauty product not just for summer but forever and ever! I also really like their bronzer, Laguna, which can give you a golden glow without the harmful UV rays!
Dinoplatz Blotting Tissues // These blotting papers not only look trendy, they make sure you stay shine free all day in the summer sun and heat. Being from the south, humidity kicks in at 6am and stays all day, my skin can look like an oil slick by 8am. The tissues which are made from a natural Hanji (a Korean handmade paper from a mulberry tree) soak up oil and leave you looking fresh faced!
Essie Nail Polishes // I run a lot so my toes are always needing another coat of polish, these super budget friendly polishes pack in a fun punch of color and can be a great way to brighten up. Another plus? They are in small bottles which allows you to throw them in your bag and if you ever need a touch up, just take the tiny container and polish up!
Beauties, I hope you enjoyed all my summer skin and make-up picks!
Stay cool!

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