Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mini-Trip Packing Essentials

Hello all!
 I can't believe the Fourth of July is this weekend and we are over halfway done with this year, I mean summer can slow down! Since it is the 4th, I would be guessing many of you are on your way somewhere fun, after all we are approaching one of the biggest travel weekends of the year. I may not be heading anywhere but that doesn't mean I can't help you pack!
I travel frequently on weekends and lots of people ask what I pack since I only and always take a carry-on, I find it much easier to take on a plane or throw in the car plus it forces me not to overpack for a 2-3 day trip. Here are a few of my tips and picks!
1. Choose the Right Carry-On
Obviously this is an important one, it is crucial to pick a carry-on that has enough room plus can fit in the overhead bins. I have and love the classic feel of this Diane von Furstenberg spinner suitcase (it is on sale plus an additional 15% off with the code 'FOURTH' right now) and I also love this Vera Bradley rolling luggage, I got one of these in a different print a couple of years ago and it has been great! It can even expand via zippers if you come home with a few too many souvenirs. 
Take a rolling/spinning carry-on! Duffle bags hardly can carry the essentials plus it can be heavy on your shoulders. A roller is also much easier to navigate in an airport especially if you are changing planes or have a long distance to walk between flights.
2. Choosing Your Clothing Options
Ok, so now you have your carry-on and it's time to fill it! First off, my go-to for any trip are easy dresses. They take up less room since it's just one article of clothing. Now this also depends on where you are going and what time of the year, thankfully dresses are in style year round. My all time favorite travel dress is this off the shoulder number, I own it in black and wear it almost every time I fly! I also really like dresses from Show Me Your MuMu, the best part? They NEVER wrinkle! I love this one (so tropical), this one (fun print) and this one (the colors!). Choose basics like jeans (I love a good skinny jean) paired with a basic tee and a statement necklace or lightweight scarf always looks good together and can easily go from plane to sightseeing. I am also a big fan of the t-shirt dress.
3. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
Now depending on where you are going, shoes can make or break the trip. Don't believe me? Think of going out to a theme park in Orlando or taking a walking tour of Chicago and you have 5 inch stilettos on. Will they look cute? Yes. Will your feet hurt? Definitely. Nothing can bring a trip down faster than complaining and it becomes extra annoying when people complain about blisters and uncomfortable shoes. This is where you can be a pro! Do not wear shoes you have never worn before to do tons of walking. It will most likely not end well. I should know.
Instead break out tried and true flip-flops (I swear by Havianas) but be careful and make sure they are comfortable enough to walk the distances you are covering. I also really love wearing my classic Converse sneakers. Oh and wearing a dress with converse or converse type (under $20) sneakers? Totally in style! I wore this look in New York and San Diego and fit right in. Cute and comfy!
If you are planning to go out to a nice restaurant, show, dancing, etc. then I would recommend taking a pair of flirty shoes, maybe your favorite heels if you have some!
4. Bring a Hat!
I am a crazy hat lady. I love hats and always take at least one with me on every trip. Why do I love them? The can cover up a bad hair day (or if you don't have the time to wash your hair) and in hot and humid (or rainy) climates they are a downright lifesaver. Hats can also make even the basic of outfits more chic and fashionable plus if you don't have a ton of room left in your carry-on for hair products, this is a must! This basic black fedora is a great piece for anytime of the year, I also love this straw fedora perfect for summer and this Extra-Wide Floppy Hat would be fantastic on the beach! I would also wear this hat on and off the plane!
5. Make-Up, Skincare, Bags and Hair
When it comes to packing make-up and skin care be sure all products meet the TSA regulations and to always pack liquids such as mouthwash and shampoo (buy the minis!) in a clear container! With make-up, only pack what you need meaning the essentials like you can find in this post here! Also, another good tip is to pack a large purse such as this fun Mar Y Sol bag (it's like having an extra carry-on!) and a crossbody is always good to tuck into your larger bag for you to carry around once you reach your final destination!
I hope you guys enjoyed my tips! Now go travel!

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