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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2015 Review

Greetings! It is no secret how much I love to travel to Orlando. It is seriously one of my favorite places to visit. No other time is better to plan a trip than the Month of October. As stated in previous posts, October is my month. During this time in October, the theme parks in Orlando transform to the "ghoulish delight" of us mortals. I got to experience two of the biggest events this time of year, Disney's "Mickey Not So Scary Halloween Party" and Universal Orlando's "Halloween Horror Nights 25". Two very different events but both fun and amazing in their own right. I will tell you my favorite by the end of the two posts (suspenseful I know). Let's first get to my recap of  "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" or as those who like to shorten titles call it, "MNSSHP".
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party has been around for a couple of years now and it serves an a more family friendly event to rival Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. It is still spooky but only if your child is terrified of the spooks at the Haunted Mansion or Donald Duck dressed as a pumpkin will they have any issues. The event is great for adults as well, especially since the wait times at rides are visibly smaller. First thing to attend you must buy a party ticket, I would advise purchasing before since this event is popular and can sell out the allotted tickets. The event begins at 7pm on the designated date but you are usually permitted to enter around 5pm. Get there early especially if characters are big on your must-do list, Jack and Sally from "Nightmare Before Christmas" and the Dwarfs from "Snow White" can create long queues and many start lining up early to get their pics with them. Come early and stay late, the event lasts till midnight!
We arrived at Disney around 2 and after getting checked in at the lovely Contemporary we went to the park for lunch then came back to the room to start getting ready for the party. Upon arriving, I could tell there were some elaborate costumes. Like some legit outfits that look like they belonged in a fairy tale. My friend and I didn't have costumes but did have some spooky tanks and tees on. My Haunted Mansion tank was from the super creative Cakeworthy brand and got lots of compliments on it! After you enter the party you are given a party wristband, this ensures that those who have not paid for the event will not be allowed in the park with party guests. Oh and they do check around the park and at rides so make sure yours is visible at all times.

They also have specialty merchandise only available during the party. Here is a little peek at some of the tees.

Once the maps were in hand we were ready to go! Check your time guide for the Boo to You Parade , Happy Hallowishes Fireworks and the Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular. All of these shows are only held during the party meaning you won't see them any other time. I recommend the later times for each showing since there are normally less people and it's easier to find a spot to watch plus you can ride some of the biggest attractions during the first round of shows with minimal waits. We decided to do just that.

Posing with a new friend! This is about as scary as it gets during the event. This is right outside the Haunted Mansion and while the cast members who work at the Haunted attraction are a little more made-up than normal, it still isn't too scary in my opinion. We were able to do several rides with no wait and it was amazing. Even if you hate Halloween the short wait times are enough to buy a party ticket.

One of my favorite set-up's is in Liberty Square over at The Sleepy Hollow Tavern. I love the tale of the Headless Horseman and don't worry he makes quite the appearance in the "Boo to You" parade. The tavern also sells yummy snacks and I insist you try the Nutella and Fruit Waffle. Yes, that exists and it is delicious! We decided on a specialty snack over in the new Fantasyland.

The party has special snacks sold during the event and I knew I had to try this adorable ghost cupcake at "Gaston' Tavern". I also picked up some Lefou's Brew which is kind of like frozen apple juice, it is very good. They were also selling these poison apple cups and I couldn't resist so that was purchased as well. It was a nice break especially since we had just finished conversing with the "real" Gaston outside. There were TONS of characters out including Gaston, Losto, the Old Hag from Snow White, and normal characters dressed in Halloween attire. Keep an eye out, I don't particularly care for character photos but if there isn't a wait it's a fun pic to take with your buddies.

Then in the middle of the party things got started pouring down rain. Yes, pouring. We pulled out our ponchos and marched forward. After a few rides in Tomorrowland the rain quit after about 30-40 minutes and a lot of the crowd seemed to have cleared out. Unfortunately, it did delay the parades and shows but hey, if that's the worst thing that happened then I consider that pretty good. When walking around be sure to take in all the Halloween sights and sounds, there are little details everywhere!

One of the other specialty snacks was the Candy Corn Soft Serve and it was my best treat of the night! It does not actually taste like candy corn, it is just vanilla but they do put a "surprise" in the bottom of the cone which is indeed candy corn. Check your guide map to see where they sell each snack so you don't miss out. It was during this time we ate our ice cream and watched the "Hallo-Wishes" fireworks. This fireworks show is not to be missed and I don't really even care about fireworks.

Since the rain had delayed the parade by the time we did a few more rides we were just in time for the second showing of the parade. Like fireworks, I do not care about parades. I know some people love them and are a big part of their Disney experience. However, this parade is the exception for me. With it's catchy song (seriously Google it and see what I'm talking about) beautiful sets and spooky Halloween vibe, it is a must-do. My absolute favorite is the gravediggers and when the ballroom dancing scene comes alive from the Haunted Mansion. After seeing "Boo to You" is was around midnight but due to the delays we were just in time for the "Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular" that is held on stage at Cinderella's Castle.

90's kids, I feel like this one if for us. "Hocus Pocus" has always been one of my favorite Halloween films  and I love that the famed "Sanderson Sisters" have their own show during the event. The actors who portray the sisters are spot-on, especially the actress who is playing Sarah Jessica Parker's character. I won't give too much away but yes, there is a rendition of "I've Put A Spell On You". The show is really fun and even if you aren't familiar with the film (but seriously go watch it) you will enjoy it. I was about to fall down from exhaustion but it was all worth it. If you are visiting or planning a trip, I highly recommend the party and think October is the perfect time to visit.  Just one little thing...

You can't leave without a little treat to follow you home! (Insert evil laughter). Can anyone turn down these festive treats? ANYONE?

The answer is no. No because we all know calories don't count at Disney or any vacation.  Stay tuned for my second half of the weekend spent at Universal and get my recap of Halloween Horror Nights 25 coming tomorrow. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for new updates for the blog, fashion, travel, lifestyle, pretty much anything you can think of!
Happy Travels!

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