Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ultimate Holiday Party Box

Hello everyone! Hope we are all having a lovely Tuesday! The weather seems to finally be clearing up here in the Ham and with the sun out and fall weather in the air, I can finally start taking some pics of all the new looks I've been wanting to share with y'all. I especially love piecing together holiday looks, which can you guys believe it's almost Thanksgiving? Then it goes straight into Christmas mode! If you are already in the "jolly holiday" spirit, I have the perfect way to kick holiday season into high gear.

Ok stop drooling over the delicious macaroons for one second. Something I love about being a blogger is collaborations however I only choose items and products I genuinely use or like. When I found out about the Ultimate Party Holiday Box created by the super whimsical Over the Moon with help from the delectable Magic City Macarons and talented Allison R. Banks Designs, I knew I had to share with my readers!

This box is perfect gift for someone (great for secret Santa and holiday parties) and I really like the fact that all the products are created locally here in Birmingham, AL. It's really important to me to buy local and support smaller, local businesses. I find it so much more special and unique! I have loved Magic City Macarons since I tried them last holiday season at a friend's Christmas party. I even got the info and ordered some for my family's Christmas Eve gathering (they were a huge hit!). Seeing the business grow in the last year has been incredible, Nancy does a fantastic job with promoting her product and I love that Macarons can be found at some of the biggest events in town. I absolutely loved the popcorn flavored macaroon as well as the Coke-a-Cola flavored choices she had on hand at the local Sidewalk Film Festival back in August!

Over the Moon is a fairly new business and I can already tell it will be a success! I have been looking over their website and they sell something for every occasion. Birthdays, wedding showers, sorority recruitment, baby showers, you name the occasion and they have it or can custom make it for you! The products are full of whimsy and just bring a smile to my face. Allison R. Banks, who is the calligrapher for this collaborative box has beautiful designs to make any occasion special. I am amazed at anyone who can do calligraphy, the writing and designs are always so intricate and beautiful and Allison's work is no exception. Add all three of these special, talented collaborators and there you have the Ultimate Party Box!

To purchase the Ultimate Party Box, just click here! The box is PRE-ORDER ONLY and they are taking orders the rest of this week ending on 11/13/15 with delivery being the first week of December. So, what all do you get for $48? It comes with the "Jingle Bells" die cut letter with foil polka dots, a 10 foot long metallic neutral tassel garland (this is super long and really fluffy and can be used over and over, it's my favorite), a 12 foot long silver and white dot garland, 4 macaroons in holiday flavors from Magic City Macarons, 8 coasters and 10 gift tags from calligrapher Allison R. Banks. It is an awesome deal!

If you happen to miss out ordering this particular box, the Over the Moon does offer several other holiday boxes (but the do NOT contain the macaroons or calligraphy) that are sure to make your holidays shiny and bright! However, I am obsessed with this box and have already made plans to order mine. They also have some really cute custom cards, if you are looking for something a little more unique to send out this year! I highly recommend checking out all the product from this talented trio and order the Ultimate Holiday Party Box while you still can!

One last shot of the sweet stuff (you guys know I love my sweets). If you have any questions feel free to ask me or email Laura Ann from Over the Moon at LA@iloveoverthemoon.com.

Happy Pre-Holidays!


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