Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Age of Adaline Review

On Tuesday, I got to attend a sneak preview of the new drama The Age of Adaline starring Blake Lively, Michael Huism, Ellen Burnstyn and Harrson Ford. The film, which tells the story of a young woman, Adaline, (played by Blake Lively) who never ages after she survives a bizarre accident involving lightning. Adaline never ages past 29 (a dream for most haha) but you see her life through a series of flashbacks as well as current day. She meets Ellis (Michael Huism) on New Years Eve in present time and finally opens up to the possibility of having a "real life". 

I was very interested in seeing this film since it seemed unique and with summer movies approaching filled with fast cars, robots and super heroes it was a nice break from usual suspects in theaters right now. So, when one of my fellow movie buff buddies invited me to the sneak preview I knew I was in! 
First, I think the actors did a great job in their roles. While I was in high school then college, Gossip Girl was a prominent TV favorite for myself so I have been a fan of Blake Lively for a few years. She definitely looked the part, she can pull off the "old Hollywood" look and if you love fashion you will be obsessed with the clothes in this film! This was my first time seeing Michael Huism on screen and he was reminiscent of Shia LaBeouf for some reason to me in looks but I enjoyed his screen time and he and Lively appeared to have good chemistry. Ellen Burnstyn plays Adaline's daughter (who does age while her mother stays young), was wonderful in the time she was on screen. I would have liked to have seen more of her and I wish the film had focused more on the mother-daughter relationship, it is a very unique circumstance to think you are in your late 70's while your mother continues to be in her late 20's. Check out the film Requiem for a Dream to see what a powerhouse actress Burnstyn is. Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors (who hasn't had a crush on him?) and thought he did well in the role of William, Ellis's dad, who also knew Adaline years ago (plus they dated!). What's amazing is actor Anthony Ingruber who portrays young William in the flashbacks, I honestly thought it was CGI of the real Harrison Ford until I looked at the IMDB page. Seriously see this film just to see the uncanny resemblance in looks and voice, it's spot on. 

The storyline is interesting with elements of drama, touches of comedy and romance with a hint of sci-fi components. The only thing that I would have changed besides more of the mother-daughter relationship is the fact that William and Adaline dated (and seemed to be very much in love), maybe it's just me but it was a little gross to think about having once dated your boyfriend's father. I would have preferred them to just have been friends from the past or maybe not make Ellis the son of William. However, all the actors had chemistry with each other and made for an intriguing film. 

I would highly recommend this film and it's perfect for a girls night out, date night or if you just want a break from giant dinosaurs or talking robots. A unique film that delivers with a well rounded cast. Definitely check this one out in theaters!

Get your snacks and hit the theater!

The Age of Adaline opens in all theaters tomorrow (Friday, April 24). 


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  1. The Story of Age of Adaline was a little too long for me not get fidgety, but I was never bored.